Sudoku creator/solver with AS3

At the beginning of this month I published the Sudoku creator/solver with PHP.

Now, after a little hassle due to a strange way AS3 manages arrays (in my opinion), I am ready to post the AS3 version of the solver.

This is what you will get

Results may vary if you don’t have Lucida Console font installed in your system, anyway the complete solved sudoku is in the sudoku array, so feel free to modify the code in order to display the sudoku in a more eye catching way.

Here it is the script:

Download the source code and let’s make soduku popular once again.

  • Popular again? I never knew it had lost popularity…

  • Nice class… what license is it distributed under?

  • Nice tutorial… yeap, The sudoku game has always been very popular, one of the greatest puzzles of all time! :D

    • Useful tutorial for making the Good game, I will post soon my game on my Site who I create to saw this article and many many thank you for the great solution in HTML.

  • I’ve been looking for a Sudoku solver based on AS3! Thanks for sharing this tutorial.

  • I want to make one game html5 too, it’s great