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Endless runner games are gaining more and more popularity and they are really easy to code.
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Design quality WordPress themes in a minute with Artisteer

Emanuele Feronato Reviews, WordPress

Having a nice and original blog theme is very important if you want to distinguish from the crowd.

Unfortunately, designing a theme from scratch can be difficult due to a lot of variables to consider: header, sidebars, buttons, css and more.

There are a lot of free and not free themes available on the web, but the best ones are downloaded a thousand times every day… not exactly what I would call “unique”…

So I am going to introduce you a software able to create a quality WordPress theme in a matter of minutes, without any knowledge of HTML, Php, Css and so on.

It’s Artisteer and I am going to review it.

The most interesting idea about Artisteer is the “Suggest” button… you can let Artisteer suggest the whole theme, playing with more than 100 variables, or make it suggest only some features, such as typography, color schemes, buttons, menu and so on.

These are three randomly generated themes.

It’s important to know each theme was created in a click. In a review, some pictures are worth a thousand words.

The software is localized in all most popular languages (not italian, though)

I also would like you to see how a feature not so easy to code, like columns layout, can be easily set with a click

If you afraid you can’t choose a decent color scheme, Artisteer helps you with a wide range of preset palettes

Obviously every element of the blog is fully customizable through dialog windows… even interesting effects like shadows can be set in a click

Look… you can create drop down menus without writing a single line of javascript

How many tutorials did you read about round buttons? Here they are…

The header is fully customizable. You can choose from a set of buit-in images or upload your own. Don’t be afraid to miss a feature… there is a complete manual for you to read

The final test… the theme is finally ready anf I am about to export it… this is the fight of the night…

The software created all necessary files ready to be uploaded…

And here it is my blog with the new theme… fully compatible with WordPress 2.7

Artisteer costs $99.95 – about as much as ONE premium theme – until February 15, 2009, and there is a demo to let you test its features.

A must have.

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  1. Dmitriy

    There is a new program that allows you to create and download WP themes directly from Photoshop (Divine plug-in). It will be interesting to both beginner and advansed users.

  2. Terry

    Very nice tutorial and blog, thank you for sharing.

    Does anyone know where I can find Artisteer project files to learn from?

    Would have been a perfect post if the project file would have been shared, but understand if it is being used on a live site.


  3. Omnia

    Really amazing , please allow me to add your link on my blog under “helpful recources for all” where I provide freelancers with helpful tools under different categories My blog is the interface of the first freelance portal in the middle East, check it yourself and you wouldn’t regret adding your link at
    Best Regards

  4. John

    I just tried Artisteer and I have been really happy with its suggest feature and prebuilt menus and layouts that one can easily modify, apply shadows etc. It really saves a lot of time spent on tweaking css to make it cross browser compatible.It’s actually not bad for cool blog-style themes! Tons of options and fun to play with too. I think it could help a lot of people struggling with trying to get the look they want

  5. matrix

    Working with artisteer for 3 weeks now, just amazing!
    A simple design is set up in minutes, now I’m learning myself how to use small details to perfect the theme.
    (Need to learn how to translate into dutch too)

  6. cam mozaik

    Thanks a lot! I am just learning Information.
    Php and this was very easy to follow and helped a lot.
    You really took time to explain every little bit.
    Thanks again.

  7. Hunter Gatherer

    If you’re using Artisteer for theme development, you’re out of luck with WordPress 3.0 right now. It doesn’t support the new features in WordPress 3.0. Their development team is silent on it with no anticipated delivery date for an upgrade that is functional with 3.0.

    If the fix it quick, I’ll change my tune. It was a great product, with few flaws under other versions of WordPress.

    Until then, stay far, far away from Artisteer.

  8. Ed

    I use Artisteer also and will recommend it in a heartbeat to anyone new at web designing. You can create professional themes without any knowledge of PHP or CSS.

  9. Rick Allen

    Just downloaded their pre-release upgrade version for WordPress 3.0 (I already have purchased Artisteer a while ago)..
    On their site they say:
    Artisteer 2.5 pre-release for WordPress 3.0 compatibility July 30, 2010

    We are finalizing a new Artisteer update for WordPress 3.0 users and would like to share the current development version with customers who want to run early tests.

    Artisteer 2.5 for Windows pre-release version (

    Here is a general summary of WordPress related changes, including WP 3.0 compatibility:

    Custom Menu support
    Multi-column widgetized footer area
    Additional top and bottom widget areas
    Post thumbnail / featured image support
    Settings -> General -> Date Format option now works with Artisteer themes (previously the date format was retrieved from translations)

    A remaining task for us to complete version 2.5 is to stylize the footer, either by options defined within Artisteer for Block, or for Article/Post.

    Version 2.5 also includes fixes for minor issues reported to product support, including product stability improvements.

    Another update, including Mac version, is expected mid-week.

  10. Web design Brisbane Adriana

    I think Artisteer is worth it. I t is not that expensive, and makes it easier to design your own web page. BUt I should add that before starting the design, you should understand the goals of the company. Need to remember that graphics is just another way to talk, but every image has a phrase implied in it.

  11. 1001webs

    Great post, we specially appreciate all the screen-shots.
    We also think Artisteer is an awesome piece of software. We specially like the way it handles CSS, perhaps you should have expanded that feature in your review.

    Thanks anyway :)

  12. 5S

    I have been using Artisteer for a couple months on a number of our company web pages all I can says it try out the free trial of it I did and purchased it the same day. If you want flexibility in WP then this is it.

  13. mexican mail order brides

    I’ve been on the fence with Artisteer. Trying to answer a question, maybe you can tell me. I want to create WordPress themes that I can distribute, that have Adsense placement already, so that someone can simply put their publisher ID.

    Any help would be appreciated!


  14. Eric

    I have been using it for a while, it is just brilliant.
    I asked them to expand to templates for online shops like eCommerce.
    I am still struggling a bit to have my Artisteer WordPress templates to be widget ready, THAT would be the best, like a rotating header…

  15. Sarah

    I have never developed a wordpress theme before and i had this misconception that it would be really hard to do. i thought you would need to be really good at CSS and programming.

    You have proved me wrong.

  16. Tom Chuong

    Hey Emanuel,

    I like your review on Artisteer. And I think your screen shots were great too since it helped me see how the software worked before downloading it. More than likely, I’ll be checking out the free trial, and probably making a purchase soon.

  17. Richard Price

    I bought Artisteer a while ago and it is fantastic. It used to be a real pain finessing the fiddly parts of the template. Now I can now create a fantastic template that wows my clients in under an hour. An amazing investment if you are in the web development business.

  18. Rob, Robot Vacuum

    I have received a 2 column design from our designer using Atisteer 3.1. Every thread seems to say just match div tags and away you go. My experience isn’t even close. I can get the header to match but then after that things fall apart.

    As a baseline I have excellent HTML but moderate CSS skills. I am more of a server developer. I am just looking for a steer not for anyone to solve it for me. Any help would be appreciated

  19. cambalkon

    I have received a 2 column design from our designer using Atisteer 3.1. Every thread seems to say just match div tags and away you go. My experience isn’t even close. I can get the header to match but then after that things fall apart.

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  21. Michael

    I wouldn’t suggest paying for this program. In my experience with the amount of bugs I encountered it is actually quicker to code a website from scratch. Customer support only offers you a load of dribble and will not refund even after multiple problems. Expect to pay to be their software tester b*tch.

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