The engine behind Splitter Flash game – first AS3 prototype

Some time ago I posted about the engine behind Splitter Flash game, the C code used to cut off and split objects with Box2D

Now I received an AS3 prototype from Guillaume Pommey.

Hi ! I try to port the splitter engine to AS3, I haven’t any error in the function but I have an incorrect structure…

Can you help me, the port may be correct…

PS : The Box2D files are changed, because I use a funtion (raycast) which isn’t in the original source. There isn’t the key controls, there are useless if the programm doesn’t work. The problem should be come the structure and the end of the programme with the function Step or Test.

As you can see, Guillaume used raycast function you can find at this link (also take a look at the demo, it’s very interesting).

This is the source code:

And this is the source with raycast for Box2D included.

The scripts gave no errors so I think we are close to the solution, I will take a look at it during the next days, meanwhile if you find out what’s wrong, you know where to comment :)

  • Looks great but still unable to understand. Emanuele please continue with the absolute beginner tutorials. And what happened to the colours in the script? All plain black?

  • Simon

    Shival there’s only so far you can go with absolute beginner tutorials.

  • ThomasTan

    *drags himself to computer*
    *drags fingers across the keyboard*
    check your e-mail…
    (this message took 12 min 34 sec 385 milliseconds to write)
    *drag pinky finger to mouse*
    *clicks on “Submit Comment”*

  • Xodus

    I think its great that your doing this, along with the beginner tuts. who knows how many game concepts are in those 489 lines? Please continue!

  • Jonh

    Yeah, please do simpler tutorials with line by line descriptions. This doesn’t make any sense for me.

  • Niall Lavigne

    You guys are completely missing the point. He’s doing the simple Box2D line by line tutorials as well, just look back a few posts. Things like these are experiments, and invitations to the more experienced programmers to give an interesting concept a try. He can’t only do the beginner tutorials, that’s be very boring for others. You need to remember you aren’t all newcomers.

  • @Niall and others: It takes time for the newcomers like us to reach your level. It would be better if you use this platform to add more people to the flash reign rather than just discussing codes amongst yourself.

  • Crunch

    That ragdoll part on the demos page could be used for a spiderman flash game!

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  • brart

    I don’t get where everyone is talking about! maybe this is to hard for the beginners… But there are loads of tutorials from emanuel written for you…

    And he didn’t wasted his time on advanced stuff because this has been written by someone else. So I miss your point.

    And Shival: “It would be better if you use this platform to add more people to the flash reign rather than just discussing codes amongst yourself.”
    As far as I know it isn’t emanuels duty to bring as much people as possible to the world of flash!

    Plz respect the time someone has spend on this and just say topic realated things.

    Can’t wait till someone post a working version, this looks promising!