Size matters…

… obviously I am talking about font size.

One of the most interesting web trends started in 2008 and still popular in 2009 is big typography.

You can see some interesting examples of big typography all around the web, and here it is a couple of links with an interesting typography showcase here and here.

With such a big typography, small (let’s say “normal”) fonts like the ones used in standard Adsense ads could be ignored.

That why at the moment you can see sites like MasterNewMedia with big fonts in their Adsense ads

while at the moment I (and probably you) can only change font family since a few days

Do you think displaying Adsense ads with huge fonts can increase the revenue? I can’t wait to try it but at the moment I don’t have such option enabled.

  • I think “size option” it’s only enable in premium accounts (for now) ;)

    greetings from Argentina,

  • I personally find ads annoying and putting ads with large typography will just put me off ever visiting that site again.

    I don’t mind ads which are subtle, but when they are in your face like that, my reaction is usually – “Shit, I’ve hit one of those damn ad sites again”.

  • “I personally find ads annoying and putting ads with large typography will just put me off ever visiting that site again.”

    No, you won’t. :)

    People NEVER stop visiting an interesting site, despite being littered with ads.

    And if they do, it’s just one in a million.

  • lolzor Peter

    I agree with Brindy, can’t be better explained.

  • Nathan

    I think if you increase the ad size, you probably wont gain any more revenue. As far as I know, people aren’t more likely to click on an ad because its large and distracting.

  • Hi Emanuele,
    and thanks for giving me the opportunity to share some facts beyond the personal opinions being waived above:

    a) Yes DrGen is right, big type ads are possible only for Premium AdSense publishers.

    b) The revenue difference between small and large ads is HUGE. Consider that on MasterNewMedia the bulk of our monthly revenue is made up by that very specific ad strip with large type. It makes 10x of any other ad type or position.

    c) Few people abandon a site because of the ads if the ads are right on the topic or very relevant that they are after.

    d) No-one abandons a site, independently of the ads, if the site provides, good, high-quality content on the topic being seeked.

    e) Big news sites across the world have much more obnoxious ads intrusion than this large type adsense ads, going to the extreme of pulling up a whole page ad in your face before allowing you to read the article you have just clicked on. But nobody seems to dismiss going back to those sites as they provide valuable breaking news and stories.

    f) People do not click on the larger ads because they are distracting. People click on them because they are very legible and in many cases they provide relevant commercial information on products and services they are actively seeking.

    All the best
    from sunny Rome!

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