Schedule your payments – don’t suck like me

Hello from Santiago de Cuba.

I want to share with you what happened, and I would like you to prevent this from happening to you too.

It’s very simple: always schedule your payments… from bills to subscriptions to whatsoever.

You won’t ever find this message in your email

and once you connect to PayPal to make the payment read this message

That translated into everyday language means “hello sucker, say goodbye to your hosting plan, too bad you can’t use PayPal in cuba”…

  • pesce d’aprile!! :D

  • pesce d’Aprile!!

  • Tukkun

    Aw :((

  • Haha april fools!

  • Nathan

    Emanuele, after the stunt you pulled last April, I don’t think anyone’s going to believe this one. Although it is slightly more believable. :)

  • is this a April fool joke?

  • Sabatino

    what stunt did he pull off? :D
    i wasn’t a frequent visitor last year :p

  • RJ

    Something about a lawsuit from a big company…

  • I think there is something fishy on the blog agan …

    Sometime, when I browse here, a screen with an empty PDF file pops.

  • Tom

    MOnkios, Same thing for me, Avast Antivirus goes mad, everytime it pops up, it’s adware.

    Mr Emanuele, you have a problem!

  • man use a proxy for conect to paypal.

  • it keeps redirecting me to
    “cnc2idfir dot com “, firefox already have it on a black list of malware sites, but not sure about ie7.

  • Nathan

    He said he got sued by a triple-A company for TileBall. Lots of people fell for it.

  • visit my own blog, today i had my first tutorial! anyway, WE MISS YOU EMANUELE! YOU WERE GONE FOR 5 DAYS!

  • oops, forgot to mention, click my name or go to
    yet to change the domain!

  • Mike

    Well looks like you may have another problem… someone xss’d your site with some javascript(good thing my firewall caught it) i’m serious about this though.

  • Err, how does this affect this website? The payment due is for “GameSalsa” and its not due till the end of this month. Just switch to paying with credit card…

  • Ough man tou scared me :D

  • Hi Emanuele,
    Long time reader, first time writer.
    I have 2 questions for you.
    1) I now use hostgator due to your recommendation. I have the baby plan, why would I want to move up in plans, if I get unlimited bandwith? (I ask because your example shows you have the $15 plan)

    2) I started my site back in August, and I already have 10,000 unique visitors a day during the week. I thought you might want to write a blog post about niche arcades. I have essentially an arcade site, but it encourages learning math and thus I was able to market it to students at schools (and I am a teacher myself).