AS3 isometric engine

Today I’m introducing you a project ran by Djibril Tavares.

It’s an open source, multilevel and multiplayer tilebased isometric engine.

This is the offical list of features:

  • Isometric view
  • 4 Directional movements (Diagonals)
  • Multi level deplacement (slopes, ladders, real gravity)
  • Collision detection
  • Scrolling/Blitting
  • Real time keyboard deplacement
  • Zoom in/ Zoom out
  • Dynamic tile
  • Multi user (java XmlSocket Server)(70%)
  • 8 directional sprite movements
  • Mouse deplacement with path finding (80%)
  • Multi user (java XmlSocket Server)(70%)
  • 8 directional sprite movements (under development)
  • Mouse deplacement with path finding (80%)

You can read about the project at Angel Street‘s blog (unfortunately in French… no English version… *hint*).

The project consists in two branches: the iso engine itself and the editor.

The code is well organized into classe but it does not have comments, but the author is hosting the project on Google Code
and needs people to help him with graphics and textures, so if you have questions or want to contribute, take a look at it.

Did I forget something? Oh, well, the engine: check it at the official project page.

Lot of interesting projects lately…

  • It looks pretty good, but needs some work on adjusting z-order and making everything smoother. Yet, it might just be rough because of my computer (1.0ghz, 256mb RAM, etc.). Either way, it’s pretty decent for a as3 isometric engine.

  • turtle

    this is really amazing stuff thanks alot… I would donate for this if i was’nt broke :P

    i’m sure this will be useful to many… thanks much

  • Woulby


    Im a French graphist and…

    I was actally searching for such a thing !

    I was working on Tonypas stuff as I discoverd
    yours on Emanuele Ferronato’s blog.

    I’m very impressed by your adaptations !

    I could provide you some sprites and
    other tile graphic stuff if you need.

    Thanks too!

    Bonne continuation sur ce moteur qui promet !

  • Hi I am Djibril Tavares,
    First of All thank you Emanuele Feronato for the post on your website.
    I would add that all my work is based on TonyPa’s tutorial (and a bit of Kirupa and TangerinePop…)
    I will try to put somme comments on all the code and diagramms to explain how it works in order to let the code easy to understand by everybody.
    Woulby i email you.
    Merci et à bientot !

  • Hi,
    Just want to let you know that a new feature have been implemented. It permits to switch char. It will help building strategic game. Have a look here:

  • Hi,
    I ve released the IsoEngine v1.2 BETA
    Come and check it at:

  • sunnyawake
  • Yes it is ! It was to let the choice to people who prefere google code or source forge.
    I added an updated version of IsoEditor you can make big tile map until (99×99).
    Should try it here:

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  • Bonne nouvelle les deux versions de IsoEngine et IsoEditor sont maintenant accessibles en ligne aux addresses suivantes:
    Il semblerait que le probleme de chargement etait du a la casse des chemins utilises. En remote as3 est case sensitive alors qu’en locale cela ne pose pas de probleme.
    Le chargement de l’application peut prendre un peu de temps la premiere fois

  • Original document at

    This paper is designed to present Flash Game Maker AS3.
    Flash Game Maker AS3 is an open-source amateur project. The main goal of Flash Game Maker is to facilitate and enhance the quality of web flash games. Flash Game Maker is a framework supposed to evolve through collaborative work.

    As mentioned above, Flash Game Maker is a game builder. Flash Game Maker is designed to help creating any kind of game such as platform, action or simulation games. Flash Game Maker is based on IsoEngine and 2DEngine. It permits to create persistant game thanks to GameOBDD, an Oriented Object Data Base. Flash Game Maker is also able to create multiplayer game when used in parallel with GameServer which is an XML socket Server.

    Flash Game Maker is not only a hobbyist project. Let’s have a look in more detail to the opportunities offered by Flash Game Maker.
    To begin with, the current environment is suitable to flash games. The number of casual gamers is increasing (Flash Games Market Survey 2009 provided by Mochi). Besides, flash games are released on mobile phone and hopefully soon on Iphone and Ipad. It is a really huge market. Besides, there is a new trend directed toward social gaming (ex: farmwille).
    There is plenty of flash games online but only few are really interesting. Thus, differentiating by focusing on quality game is

    Flash Game Maker is a new kind of project. The idea is to build a community willing to share, learn and benefit of participating in the achievement of Flash Game Maker. Indeed, Flash Game Maker is still in its implementation phase. Therefore, gathering human resources to develop Flash Game Maker is fundamental. Moreover, as presented in the following section, Flash Game Maker’s business plan relies on the community involvement.
    Why people would be interested in joining the project?
    First, to be part of something big! Flash Game Maker is an ambitious project which could be used as venture in a CV. Second, collaborating in a project is the best way to grow and achieve a goal. Thanks to team working you can realize things far quicker and better than working alone. Also, it is more fun !
    Finally, there is a win-win strategy that will be discuss later on explaining how people could make money thanks to Flash Game Maker .
    How to postulate? At the moment, the only way to join the project is by sending me an email with your contact info, competencies and skills, general background, motivation and expectation in the project. There is no limit of postulant and everybody is welcome to join the project. The best contributors will be rewarded. If you are a coder, designer, sound artist or webmaster and want to join contact me .

    Business Plan
    The idea here is to determine if Flash Game Maker could potentially make money; and if ‘Yes’, how?
    There is many way to make money with flash games. The most common strategies are integration of ads, sponsorship, licensing, paying games (Dofus) and prizing contest. Flash Game Maker is designed to create infinity of diverse great games. Therefore, Flash Game Maker is by definition able to profit of each of these methods. Moreover, Flash Game Maker benefits different other channels. As any good marketers would have noticed the precedents approaches are all product focused. The advantage of Flash Game Maker is it persistency and community. Indeed, unlike a game which will have a birth and end, Flash Game Maker will continuously grows and attract more and more customers. We can imagine a set of services related to the creation of games with Flash Game Maker. If we create a portal of extra services such as customization for instance, the community could provides sounds, graphic tiles, characters, items or weapon that other members could buy and integrate to their games. In addition, it gives the opportunity to any member of the community used to Flash Game Maker to propose individuals or businesses to develop their games. Also, the portal may be used to incubate the best project and help them getting sponsorship. It is possible to envisage a strategy were a share of the profit made from Flash Game Maker will be reversed to the community in accordance to their participation. In other words, another business profitable for everyone can be created around Flash Game Maker.
    cf. image framework.jpg

    The marketing phase is an essential part to the project. As presented before, Flash Game Maker is a collaborative project. Flash Game Maker need to attract as many people as possible. That is why a careful attention will be put on the image of Flash Game Maker. That includes it visibility n the web, its graphical aspect (logo, blog, and website design) and its promotion.

    Concerning competitors, we observe that there are only few worthy peers. Each of them has a particularity. Citrus for instance is focused on classic 2D games whereas FFilmation is 3D oriented. TheoWorlds, OpenSpace and PushButton Engine are the real direct rivals to IsoEngine since they permits to elaborate isometric games and provides range of big features; In particular PushButton Engine, since it is open source and uses the famous physical engine box2D.

    After having read the previous chapter I hope you believe in the possibilities of Flash Game Maker. The most skeptical will say: “Your story is beautiful in paper but what have you done so far?” Flash Game Maker is a sophisticated framework but its core engine is mainly IsoEngine. For the last few 4 years I worked on its achievement. At the moment, IsoEngine is reasonable stable to think that it can be used as a base of Flash Game Maker. The architecture of IsoEngine has been totally refurnished and adapted to the standard of oriented object computing (design pattern). Flash Game Maker use mainly IsoEngine, 2DEngine will be used as a complement to offer the opportunities to add extra mini games or interactive loading phases.

    Things to do
    So what is needed to do? That is a big question (thanks to ask ^^). The project can be divided in two, the product Flash Game Maker and the services. Concerning the Flash Game Maker, the code need to be finalized and features must continuously improve. Also, it is a key to ensure that Flash Game Maker is easy to use. All parts of the framework could be distributed to different teams. A second effort must be directed toward the elaboration of a website, logo and platform collaborative (SVN, forum…). The services will have to wait till the product is completely finished but I am sure that would be a really interesting part. To see in more details all the tasks please refers to the complementary documents.

    Technical Aspects
    cf. image Strategy.jpg

    The difference between IsoEngine and IsoEditor is the perspective. Indeed, 2DEngine uses a classic 2D view while IsoEngine use an isometric view. An isometric view is a perspective imitating 3D only using 2D graphics. It has the advantages to consume fewer resources. Besides, graphics are easier to find or create. Both engines are supported by an editor responsible to build the maps. Editors can also be used dynamically in games like in strategy games to build unit or modify the environment (ex: Farmville, Sim City or C&C)

    About the Author
    Name: Joachim N’DOYE
    Profession: Student
    Age: 23
    Hobbies: Soccer, Gym, Comics and Manga, Video Games (Such a Geek)
    Currently in Perth, Western Australia, I am studying a Master of Management at Curtin University. My background in an Engineering High School in Paris named ESIEA land me to my passion in coding.

  • Hey,
    FlashGameMaker is looking for people interested in joining the project please feel free to contact me if you want to join or have some questions about the project or flash game engine programmation.

  • the project is still active? if you can put a video lesson explaining step by step?