Video tutorial: 5 detailed Adobe Photoshop killer tips

Did you ever want to master Adobe Photoshop?

In this video I unveil 5 killer tips I use almost every day.

Follow some simple steps and you will be able to:

1) Remove objects from a photo

2) Correct red eyes

3) Make a photo look older

4) Create realistic fog

5) Turn a night scene into a day one

All in a single video, quick and easy to understand

  • Well, they all work!
    Good job, the world is a better place now! :)

  • Scott

    Funny :)

  • Orlando

    Horrible video, no audio or explanation. A veteran wouldn’t need these tips and a noobie wouldn’t understand them.

    Bad video quality too.

    • anon

      Horrible video?? Come on people. Yeah… i was like.. WTF at first… but if you couldnt figure out by #3 that it was all a joke… you’re an idiot. And if you really still thought these were real tips after #5.. enough to comment that a “real veteran wouldnt need these tips”…. just.. wow….

  • Love It!!! Made me giggle :)

  • Rafael Lima

    Nice Job! :)

  • John

    hahaha, ran out of ideas for 2Dbox tutorials?

  • Where’s the sun’s reflection in the last tip!?!?!

  • Dude, I don’t think I can do this. It’s too complicated for me :(

  • Kent

    Excellent tips, will put them into practice in my next project.

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  • Adobe Photoshop is the best photo editing tool in my opinion.Photoshop has been my bread and butter software on my current job which involves a lot of photo editing.

  • pol

    I just lost 4 min of my life.

  • desiznfx

    just fun :(

  • karim

    lost fo time.
    ha ha ha

  • lol. funny hahahaha.. i think it was serious at the first time.. hahaha

  • namrosix

    “Turn a night scene into a day one” – HAHAHAHA

  • Angel

    wow what a very wonderful tutorial, thank you very much :) now I’m going to brag about my new skills to my friends, oh boy they will be so jealous ^^

  • OMGwtf

    Is this serious?