Creation of a Flash artillery game using Box2D

Small intro: having a plugin that allows readers to vote posts can help you understanding what do readers like.

I saw readers liked a lot Create a flash artillery game – step 1 so I decided to create something similar with modern techniques (that post is dated 2007!!! Ages ago!!).

Let’s start from Platform engine using Box2D – Step 3 and turn the way player fires into an artillery mode.

In an artillery game, the more you press the fire button, the stronger the force you’ll apply to the projectile.

To make things more interesting, pressin the button for an hour won’t fire a lightspeed bullet, but once the force reached its maximum it will decrease, just to start increasing again once it reaches its minimum and so on, until the player releases the fire button

In the following example, holding the mouse will determine bazooka’s force, and releasing it will make the player fire.

The animation of the bazooka turning red has been made on the timeline, with a 30 frames tween. This means the maximum force should be 30 :)

And this is the result: press and hold the mouse button and see what happens.

Download the source code and tell me if you are ready for a Box2D Bloons :)