Word Play contest prototype, four days to make something decent out of it

The final deadline for “Word Play” Flash Game Contest ran by MochiMedia is September 18 and if you did not submit any entry, here it is a prototype you can use to make something better out of it.

The concept is based upon How to use an embedded text file in Flash and some concepts from SamePhysics.

Letters are falling (very quickly in this example), click on them to make a word, click on a previously clicked letter to submit a word and make letters disappear, or click outside to reset the word.

If a letter falls outside the stage, then it’s game over.

where embedded_text.as is coded as follows:

And this is the result… (a bit shrinked to make it fit in the blog)

Download the source code… four days left…

  • Guest

    I like it, but it should have more vowels since there are too many consonants

  • Merve

    You could use the scrabble ratio of tiles to make sure there are enough vowels.