Pumpkin Story prototype

This quick Pumpkin Story prototype is made merging and mixing these scripts: Drawing arcs with AS3 and Creation of a Flash artillery game using Box2D.

If you notice, it’s similar to an artillery game (like Bloons) with the “only” difference you are the bullet.

This opens some interesting gameplay options, so interesting I am going to make a similar game, but I’ll start talking about it during next days.

Meanwhile, this is the script:

And this is the result:

Click and hold the mouse to make the ball jump.

Download the whole project.

  • Guest

    It’s Great!!! its like Bloons but with physics and a cool halloween atmosphere, good job! one question: you have to touch all the items, or reach a minimum goal? cause i got stucked at level (6?) i think…

  • Guest

    Emanuele, do you think it’s possible to adapt the artillery script to simulate a hook, like batman/spiderman? i mean, select the angle with the bazooka, then shoot a rope/wip to the roof, (creating a pendulous) to swing like tarzan or something?… is it possible en box2d? :)

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  • Great gameplay, but I don’t get what the first guy was talking about (all the level six stuff and all) since there’s only a screen with ground and a ball (all in Box2D graphics). By the way, don’t you think that applying a bit more physics with friction and such would make this short prototype a little more usable? Either way, this looks like it’s going to be a good game.

  • Jelmer


    Could you explain how to use a “custom ball” in the game? for example, you used this pumpkin, but ive tried so many things, and all i get is that gray square / circle :)



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  • hi,

    Thanks for the code..i enjoyed its excution.

    i mearged that code with “Create Box2D levels in a quick with Bison Kick” example. after mearging this code.. arc is getting misplaced..could any one help me with the reason.

    plz help i am new in box2d. thanks in advance :)

  • Hi,

    This tutorial is exactly what I am looking for. I just have two question. I have adobe cs 5 and I am getting this error when I try to test the movie.
    C:\Users\Chad\Documents\Design Documents\Game\Golf\HelloWorld.as, Line 14 1046: Type was not found or was not a compile-time constant: arrow.

    Another question is that I have the world construction kit. Is there a way that I could combine this code into it so I can use it in WCK?