Triqui’s picks #2

Let’s see the games I featured on this week:

Zombie Taxi 2: Half Grand Theft Auto (the fist release), half Carmageddon, you have to rescue the people in the city before they become infected.

What I liked: the overall experience

Programming difficulty: Making a really clean and complete game is never easy. 4/5

Globulous Challenge: single player version of Globulos game, features 25 levels you have to complete in just one turn

What I liked: great strategy game

Programming difficulty: besides the level design, it’s a quite easy physics game without gravity 2/5

A Dralien Day: Excellent point and click graphic adventure, a must see even if you don’t like escape games.

What I liked: really really good graphics

Programming difficulty: it’s not just a point and click game, there are some minigames that raise the difficulty 3/5

Dropple 2: classic “collect everything with a ball” game, with all features you can expect.

What I liked: I can’t get enough of these games

Programming difficulty: different tile types mean different scripting… 3/5

Whindy: in a Colorless World: great platform game with cool graphics and an interesting story… colors have been stolen and it’s up to you to bring them again in the world

What I liked: the graphic style and the gameplay

Programming difficulty: A complete platform game is never easy to make 4/5

Speedround: addictive puzzle game, rotate the wheel and place colored gems in order to fill empty slots

What I liked: the concept

Programming difficulty: quite easy… no physics, almost no special effects… pure gameplay… 2/5

Imago Prologue: An incredible interactive novel. I mean incredible. Adult contents. I was killed by an hooker

What I liked: the story. wow.

Programming difficulty: if… then… gotoAndPlay… 1/5

Vector Conflict: the Siege: Modern Battle Zone (from 1980!!) clone, destroy all enemy vawes and updgrade your base

What I liked: the graphics, and the overall feeling

Programming difficulty: for 3D gurus… 5/5

Magnets: Puzzle game featuring magnetism to bring a ball from “A spot” to “B spot”

What I liked: the idea

Programming difficulty: I don’t know that much about magnetism but I think with the right formula it shouldn’t be that hard 2/5

Assembler 4: Place all crates to their right places in this physics game

What I liked: Level design

Programming difficulty: just some Box2D drag’n drop 2/5

See you next week