Creation of a Flash Stabilize! clone using Box2D – part 5

Welcome to the 5th part.

Today we’ll add some gameplay… in part 4 we managed collisions, now it’s time to add a one-minute timer (yes, this is a concept for the 60 seconds to fame contest).

I think, having colored stuff on the stage, making a “match 3 to remove” game would be too obvious… so the concept is this one: make a crate collide (collide! not stay in touch!) with three other crates of the same color to make it disappear.

The one I am showing you right now is just a prototype, but I am about to finish the complete game and it can lead to interesting gameplay variations, where bouncing is preferred to stacking.

Then, a simple timer made using the concepts seen at Understanding AS3 Timer Class and Drawing arcs with AS3 is placed in the center of the stage.

This is the main file:

And this is the collision manager. Refer to part 4 to see how can you use it.

And this is the result:

Make crates collide until the collision counter reaches 3 to make them disappear. No need to download, just cut/paste these scripts on the ones you can find at part 4.

If you make something interesting out of it, let me know and I’ll publish it.

  • steinst

    Damn, I already made a 60 second variant of the stabilize game. Now I’ll have to change it.

  • Guest

    Hi Emanuele, thanks for your posts, they’re very useful!…
    i have a problem right now with one published game, the problem is a CHEATER that is fooling around with the Score… he submits impossible scores and ruins the fun to everyone else…
    i know it’s impossible to avoid completely the cheating, but can you give some recomendations to avoid cheaters?… (some class to encapsulate score, or encrypt scores or something like that)…

  • @Guest There are many techniques to achieve this. you can multiply the score by 1.75 and then he won’t find it. Every time you display the score, just divide it by 1.75.. Use google to find the other techniques