Create HTML5 Vertical Endless Runner cross platform games

Using Phaser framework and other FREE software
Endless runner games are gaining more and more popularity and they are really easy to code.
I will take you by hand through the creation of a complete HTML5 vertical endless runner cross platform game with a lot of features and room for customization.
100 pages + 31 source code examples with a free update to come in a few days.

Triqui’s Picks #8

Emanuele Feronato Flash, Game design, Links

Plenty of interesting new games this week, let’s see them…

Ninja Yin Yang: Bring a black and a white ninjas on the platforms with their signs at the same time. You control both black and white ninjas at the same time.

What I liked: interesting concept

Programming difficulty: A good platform, no need for physics. 3/5

Blastwave: Lost at Sea: Guide survivors of a shipwreck to the rescue zone and collect bonuses creating whirlpools with your mouse in this isometric arcade

What I liked: Clean graphics, interesting concept

Programming difficulty: Good isometric engine. 3/5

Ninja Cubes: Did you ever play Doeo? This is a version made for the 60 Seconds to Fame Contest. Collect as many ninja as you can in a minute

What I liked: Recommended for all Doeo fans

Programming difficulty: Just a hit test on the mouse. It’s all about level design. 1/5

Rift: Feed your fat master with cakes in a retro puzzle platform game.

What I liked: The graphics!

Programming difficulty: A lot of stuff to do… 4/5

Rushback Jack: The game that deserves the 1st prize in the 60 Seconds to Fame Contest in my opinion… while all games submitted are just games that end in 60 seconds, this added the “come back” concept that splits a 60 seconds game in two 30 seconds games (or a 31/29, 32/28…). Bow.

What I liked: Nice concept

Programming difficulty: Basic platform game. 2/5

Shrink it: Nice physics game, shrink and grow shapes to get smiley to the end. Expect a tutorial :)

What I liked: Interesting Box2D use

Programming difficulty: Just another Box2D game. 2/5

Screw Effect: Escape from a self destructing machine in 60 seconds in this fast paced physics platform

What I liked: Great level design… but I hate colors…

Programming difficulty: Good physics platform. 4/5

Trap Master: This game reminded me Dungeon Keeper… you control a monster and must kill heroes trying to reach the treasure. As you progress through the game, you can place any kind of trap to obliterate those little men

What I liked: Really funny

Programming difficulty: Really hard. 5/5

Icycle: Normally I hate “truck” games, but this has an interesting graphic and an unique gameplay.

What I liked: I simply loved it

Programming difficulty: Quite hard. 4/5

See you next week

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From null to full HTML5 cross platform game

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