Triqui’s Picks #10

Emanuele Feronato Flash, Game design, Links

Six new games this week:

Ice Breaker: Slice ice and free frozen vikings. The game isn’t that new but it has been enabled for distribution in these days.

What I liked: one of the few games using slicing feature

Programming difficulty: You can make something similar following The engine behind Splitter Flash game : working code. 3/5

Roly-Poly Monsters: Get rid of evil monsters blowing them up with bombs in this physics game

What I liked: Nice concept

Programming difficulty: Not that hard using Box2D. 3/5

Robin the Mercenary: Kill monster and collect coins in this old style arcade game

What I liked: reminded me a bit of Rick Dangerous…

Programming difficulty: Complete Flixel game. 3/5

Perfect Balance 2: Obviously the sequel of the great Perfect Balance, now with bunchs of new levels!

What I liked: more addictive than Tetris in my opinion!

Programming difficulty: Just a little Box2D… 1/5

Sandcastle: Excellent defense game. Defend your city from the invading ships. Use different types of cannons and ammo – flying pencil included – to sunk them

What I liked: great game, you must see the castle transforming to shoot all kinds of weird stuff

Programming difficulty: Rich and complete game, I must study the water effect… 4/5

Arcuz: Normally I play RPGs on my PS3, but this is the best I’ve seen so far on the Flash platform.

What I liked: Reminded me a bit the first Diablo

Programming difficulty: Wow. 5/5

See you next week

Want to learn more? Learn by example!

Get the full commented source code of an actual commercial cross platform HTML5 game!!

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  1. Guest

    RPG requires a LOT of time,… when i think in flash games i think “Casual Games” –> short and fun…. i love RPG’s, i loved final fantasy series, zelda series, diablo series, etc.. but when it comes to flash RPG, i’m a little reluctant, unwilling about it

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