Ononmin Flash prototype

I want you to play a bit Ononmin.

It’s a simple and addictive game that does not require any physics or 3D library to work.


So it’s the best candidate to be prototyped.

In this first part we’ll create the “mushroom” you control. In the original game, you can’t move the mushroom, allowing the player to just move the launchable ball.

To change the game a bit, in this version you can move the “mushroom” along the x axis with the mouse, and the launchable ball will move from left to right just like in Create a Flash game like Gold Miner.

So at the moment I created these two objects:

The “mushroom” and the ball.

The main file, called onon.as, simply creates the player:

As you can see at line 4, I’m calling mushroom.as that just make the mushroom follow the mouse along the x axis at line 12 and creates the ball at line 5

And finally ball.as manages the ball. This is a little more “complex” so I commented all lines

And this is the result:

Use the mouse to move the mushroom along the x axis

Download the source code.