Triqui’s Picks #12

We’re starting the new year with just three games:

Ricochet Kills: PP: Shoot a projectile and use ricochets to kill all enemies.

What I liked: Original concept

Programming difficulty: Box2D without gravity. Or just simple math. 1/5

Where is 2010?: Arcade adventure, help the little man find the New Year toddler.

What I liked: Nice adventure, cool graphics.

Programming difficulty: Very complete game, despite the minimal look 4/5

Mitta on Starryland: Simple platform game: you control a guy with arrow keys and a star with the mouse. Collect stars with the guy while you clear the view with the star

What I liked: interesting concept

Programming difficulty: A simple platform and a mouse mask. 2/5

See you next week

  • Ricochet Kills: PP is brilliant. I got to level 35 and added a comment and then realized my page was refresed and progress was lost. Maybe your wordpress template could have ajax or something else to update the comment and not refresh the page.