PixelBlitz AS3 game framework

PixelBlitz Engine is an old game framework for Actionscript3 created by Richard Davey from Photon Storm.


As said, it’s not that new, there isn’t any documentation or tutorial or even a feature list.

So, you may wonder why should I write about it, considering it’s a bitmap-based framework just like Flixel, which has a better documentation.

Well, the main reason is the blog is mine :) … the second reason is PixelBlitz supports the Flash IDE, and this means you can use the library with Flash, while Flixel only supports Adobe Flex Builder or FlashDevelop.

In the downloadable package you can find at Google Code you can find some examples but they are incomplete… you will only find the .as files, without the .fla.

So I took the most promising example (in my opinion) and created a complete project, with the .fla file and all needed objects (well, just one object, but it’s everything you need to make it work).

This is the script, let the comments guide you through the entire process.

And this is the result:

click on the sprites to make them disappear

Download the source code, library included.

  • Thanks for the write-up of PixelBlitz, although neither Norm or I have updated it in nearly a year. I would strongly recommend that no-one use the zip download from Google Code, but instead get a fresh version from svn instead. You’ll find a lot more to play with in there. I personally am now using Flixel instead. But I am porting over a number of the features that PixelBlitz had that Flixel lacks. These will all be made available on my blog. Best of both worlds eventually?! :)

  • Nice. I heard of this engine before, but not tested. I’m using Flixel too now ;) I hope Richard port his Bitmap text class to Flixel :>

  • Coban

    I have been using PixelBlitz for 1 year now, personally I like it more than Flixel. I was wondering why richard stop updating PixelBlitz, now I konw the reason :)

  • Huh this could be very useful for bitmap based games old skool platformers, RPG’s etc

  • abdu

    i think pixel engine are more fast than fixel and have variety of utils ,effect,twin,..and more.