Create HTML5 Vertical Endless Runner cross platform games

Using Phaser framework and other FREE software
Endless runner games are gaining more and more popularity and they are really easy to code.
I will take you by hand through the creation of a complete HTML5 vertical endless runner cross platform game with a lot of features and room for customization.
100 pages + 31 source code examples with a free update to come in a few days.

LineBall Flash game sponsored and released

Emanuele Feronato Actionscript 3, Flash, Game design, Monetize

Do you remember the LineBall video teaser?

Now the complete game has been published and sponsored by

It’s based on the Flash AS3 Pixel based circle collision engine, that I found better than Collision Detection Kit when you want your ball to bounce.

I added a little twist introducing a gravity switch allowing you to change the gravity during the game. This feature gave me a lot of creativity in level design.

This is what I included in the game:

According to the success of the game, I might plan a sequel… meanwhile play all 48 levels on

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From null to full HTML5 cross platform game

I will take you by hand from the bare bones of JavaScript programming through the creation of a full cross platform HTML5 game, with detailed explainations and source code.

If you don't know where to start, then From null to full HTML5 cross platform game is the book for you.

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  1. Tim

    Nice game, very addicting which is what makes it valuable.

    If you don’t want to answer this, I understand, but care to give a hint as to how much you earned for the sponsorship? Just curious, as I’m about to start looking for sponsors for a game I’m developing.

  2. Post
    Emanuele Feronato

    I can’t say it at the moment because I don’t know if the sponsor wants to unveil it, but I’m publishing some figures in a couple of months

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  7. john

    nice. addicting! music goes great too. Its a shame some people (me) play games at work and never get to hear the audio.

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  9. Shin


    First of all i wanna thank you for making a so wonderful game, I’ve got so addicted to it and it takes away stress from me that now i’m considering a donation, But my Paypal account got bloqued for some reason i ignore and i’m still negotiating with them since i have some serious money on it..

    Anyway, I hope i’ll see more of your work soon, Keep up buddy !

    By the way one more thing, I love this music can you give me it’s title or anything ? Thanks again .

  10. charles


    The game

    Concept, graphics, programming: Emanuele Feronato

    Music: “Ambient Evening” by Trevor Crookston

    Background particle effect: Stardust

    Statistics: SWFStats

    The site

    Theme design: Emanuele Feronato starting from Chris Coyier’s BLANK theme

    Facebook and Twitter icons:

  11. Bug report

    You may know about this already since it’s a logical result for the engine, but heres a bug report anyways. Drawing a fill with the pen above the ball makes it fly through it to the top of the fill, allowing you to move through walls directly above, or below depending on the gravity. As well as this, on pressing reset, the ball is brought to the top of the fill rather than back into it’s original position.
    Hope it helps.

  12. Trevor

    I looked for the song because i really like it but both youtube and Google Video dont have it!!! Where can i listen to this song?

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