Looking for case studies

Hello folks.

As you should know (no, there is no reason why you should know it…) I am preparing for a trip to Cuba.

I will be able to connect only from some hotels, and even if this does not represent a problem, I would feel safer if I had some posts ready to go live in case I would not be able to connect for a day or two, to keep the blog updated as if I was in Italy.

So this is your moment: do you have a case study to feature on this blog? A successful game? An awesome sponsorship? An epic fail?

Drop me an email at info[at]emanueleferonato[dot]com and I’ll be glad to publish your stories, with full credits and links to your blog/game/whatsoever.

All interesting stories will be published, even if I will be able to update the blog on a regular basis while in Cuba.

Thank you for the support.

  • Wow! I would try to write something interesting.

    Good luck in Cuba!

  • Quintus Kilsdonk

    Hey Emanuele,
    I would have like’d to show you my AS3 game I made with your BallCollision AS3 tutorial && your Artillery tutorial but it needs an extra month (levels, sound, some grafic’s). i think your back in a month so nvm.

    but maybe after that? :D

  • Now be sure to pay the your web hosting bills! Don’t mess up with paypal from Cuba again ;)
    Have a NICE trip! =]