Real world catapult prototype using Box2D – Adding wheels

Did you enjoy the catapult prototype?

Here I am with the second part, adding wheels controlled by left and right arrows.

Have a look:

Now you can move the catapult with left and arrow keys, and shoot with a mouse click

If you feel the catapult is running on an icy surface, that’s because I did not set any friction. I’ll do it next time, when I’ll also come with a decent code, meanwhile check this:

No need to download anything, just paste the new code in the catapult prototype file.

  • audas

    whats with all that code ? Time to download quickbox2d – do that in two lines.

  • Great prototype, but the wheels don’t seem very real, they’re just too fast!

    Great articles in general too!

  • DUDE! This is just too cool!
    I love it.

  • T_N_D

    How to move catapult whiout easing?? I already try put friction =0…. :(