Quoted on Adobe Edge: April 2010 edition

If you want to read an interesting article about Flash games and physics, I suggest you to point your browser on Developing physics-based games with Adobe Flash Professional by Samuel Asher Rivello.

I was quoted in the article, but what makes it really great is the way it will guide you through the creation of a physics-based game called StackZ

Also, Samuel has an awesome way to comment the code, a must see for all coders.

Happy reading

  • HiddenSpartan

    I have never seen more alien actionscript code.

  • The code is well commented and the wrapping of Box2D in Quickbox makes it very readable for an AS3 jockey. I can see how it would seem alien to some : )

  • Hey man,

    That’s awesome that you were quoted in that article. Good Job ;)

  • comet

    good job?thanks?

  • wayne

    Hi Emanuele, I have been playing with box2d and a kinect and wondered if you had any pointers. I have looked and am pretty sure you cant use bitmap data as a shape in box2d. I have tried other classes with friction etc but do not seem to be as responsive. any pointers on using bitmap data to create dynamic shapes?