How to list all WordPress posts with the same custom field value

When I celebrated my four years of blogging I also introduced a big problem this blog is facing: there is so much content it’s not easy to find what you are looking for.

I received some interesting suggestions, and one of them is to link all posts of the same series. This is what a reader said: “In the first post, put a link of all the steps (requires manual editing)”.

I found a way to put an index on each post of a series using custom fields, and I am sure you’ll find it interesting. Let’s take Create a Flash game like Rebuild Chile series as example.

I want, in every post of the series, to show the full list of posts of the series. Without a lot of manual editing, of course.

So, that’s what I did: first, for every post of the series, I added a custom field called series with Create a Flash game like Rebuild Chile value. The idea is to add a series custom field to every post in every series with a proper value.

If you don’t know how to add a custom field, here it is a little help:

At the end of the Post page admin, you’ll find the form to add new custom fields. That’s how I added series custom field. Now, a few lines of code to rule them all… this is what you have to include somewhere inside the so-called WordPress Loop:

Line 1: Assigning to a variable called $series the value of the series custom field value, if any. Then, if there is a value…

Line 5: Creating a $chapters array and populating it with every post (numberpost=-1) whose series custom field (meta_key=series) has $series value (meta_value=$series) ordering them by date (orderby=date) in ascending way (order=ASC). Then scanning the entire array, saving each item into $chapter

Line 6: Adding the post title, along with a link if it’s not the current post

The remaining lines are just HTML to let me style the content.

You can see the result in the Create a Flash game like Rebuild Chile series… I have to find the right style but I think I’m on the right way.

Do you like this way to use custom fields?

  • ColinDiam

    A Very ingenious idea could see that being very helpful especially how it is so simple to implement

  • Pipo

    Yeah, finally!
    Thanks for your blog. I missed this feature so much at the “tile based platform engine-tutorial”.
    Thanks again.

  • Davide

    Thanks for this tutorial, very useful.
    How should I modify your code to run this query for custom post type instead of normal posts?

  • Davide

    Sorry for the double post:
    I’ve resolved by adding
    in the get_posts(”) query.
    Now it’s perfect, thanks to the possibility from your code to differentiate the current post from the others with the same custom fields.
    Thanks again Emanuele!

  • Marzia Agnetti

    Thank you for this code, I’ve been searching something like this for a long time! But now I really need to find a way to display the featured image beside the post title. Is that possible? Sorry I’m not expert in php. Please help!