Create a Flash Racing Game Tutorial – AS3 version

The porting of the most popular AS2 tutorials continues with a basic AS3 version of the Flash racing game script.

I said “basic” because it does not have all features, this time it covers only movement and collision detection because I want to add more features before polishing it.

In the detail, I am developing an artificial intelligence algorithm to include cars controlled by the computer.

Meanwhile, this is the main class

And this is car_mc class:

And this is the result

Download the source code.

  • You could not have posted this at a better time. Yesterday I started converting you last tutorial to AS3 and I was going to work on it all day today and tomorrow. I am using it for a biofeedback application in a neuroscience lab.

    Thank you so much!!!!

  • PS. What is your creative commons license for this? Can I use it for non-profit?

    • Emanuele Feronato

      Use it as you please, just remember to buy me a beer should you make billions out of it

  • Static car and rotating ground wud give even more better effect like old nes roadfigter .

  • Alexandre Colella

    I didn’t understand de Points and the par variable…
    Can you explain? :)

    • Emanuele Feronato

      It will be the topic of next Flash tutorial

      • Alexandre Colella

        Ok! Thanks!!!!

  • Wilson Silva

    You never disappoint us :) Are you going to make a tutorial like “Create a Flash game like Zelda” or something? I’m pretty sure that most of us want to know how to develop a good RPG game engine. And you my friend, are the best person to teach us :D. Pleeeease.

  • gino80

    Emanuele you are great!!
    thank you very much for your tutorials!!

    how can I implement a sort of ghost car??

    thank you keep the good work!!

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  • Someone

    There’s a bad glitch if you go backwards into the wall… can you please show how to fix it?
    Thanks. =)

  • Amos

    Im planning on learning flash sometime and its interesting for me to look at this code, just to get a sense of how actionscript works. thanks :)

    Also, i have been using a program called scratch, which basically is for creating some very simple games, with very simple code. Quite a while ago, i made a game similar to this:

    and just fyi, in case any of you where planning on looking at the code, you should know i made it a few years ago, and the code is rather redundant and could be simplified a lot. :)

    • Amos

      i might also its quite easy to cheat in my game :)

  • if i could ask , iam new in game Dev. iam tring to make a car game , and iam stuck with something maybe u could help me out ………..

    i made a MovieClip car >> inside it AS3.0 code of all its speed accelirationa and stuff .. i didnt use pacage because i dont know much about it … anyway , i made a square on the stage and i was tring to detect the collition by HittestObject and it didnt work , someone gave me a link for a bitmap data and it worked but i dont understand it for sure .. i just replaced names … anyway … right now , i wants to write a function that makes the car Never move over or under that square .. like a wall or a building … i couldnt figure it out , could u help me plz , it sounds like insanly easy ..

  • sarah

    the ground is the green one right?

  • sarah

    could you make a tutorial as3 for a car race with no lap and an AI??

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  • Marcel

    I got this error message:

    “Type was not found or was not a compile-time constant: ground_mc line 8”

    Seems like should be another class called ground_mc?

    (sorry for my English and newbie question)

  • anushi

    please can you tell me to open this fla file. I can not open it. Thank you

  • Sam

    Wondered if you have any turoirals on how to add laptimes into the AS3 Verison…

  • johanson

    how can you add laps and times for this game?

    sorry i’m very new to flash.

  • Attila Kamasz

    Hy all!
    The tutorial is very good, but I dont know how I scripting the drifting and other advanced car psichic. Pls help me. Thanks :)

  • OA

    I was messing around trying to add different tracks but the only way is for the track to be erased so how can we change the track without just erasing from the back ground and without the ground_mc

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  • Hassan Ayoub

    Dear geek,
    thx for your tutorials, however, when can we exppect the full version of the game?
    Second, do u know books or video tutorials where they teach game developments especially car racing games?
    Thx in advanced

  • John

    This is Really great. Is there a way to control the number of Laps? How could I make it 3 instead of 10?

  • Greg

    Thanks for the great racing game. Could you post or email a description of what the different lines of code are doing like you did in the AS2 version?

  • Harris

    You STole the as2 version from gamesheep

  • LuLu

    Hi, I have created a short animation storyboard and would like to incorporate this mini-game at the end (e.g. frame 2885), can it be done? If yes, how do I do it?

  • Akhyar

    GREAT Tutorial! i’m started to understand how to make as3 games… never thought that it will requires trygonometry though..

  • Christoffer

    Do you have a tutorial on how to make the laptimer in as3? Or is it very similiar to the as2 version?

    Otherwise, great tutorial. Thanks ;)

  • I still regard this as one of the best, albeit simple, classic flash tutorials. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Luke Hill-Cottingham

    Good tut, but how would i go about putting a menu in before the game starts?

    The idea is to, like the AS2 version, put a lap timer in and have a menu before hand to start the game.
    Yet i’ve made a menu and when i try to merge the two, it just plays up calling the class first(i think), is there anyway to call the class when i reach a certain frame?

    sorry for being a bit vague, new to this stuff.

  • pulkit

    how can i convert these class files into one inline script…

  • really nice…….tutorial

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  • agus Pristian

    i want to create game for my final project. i use AS 3.0 for language.
    i need your help, i want create game similar to this:

    how road can run,?
    how enemies can run like a game,?
    how barries can collidable?

    please… give me some refrence, or tutorials..
    i need your help.

  • Good One .