More mobile Flash game contests – $80,000 in prizes!!

If you think $30,000 in prizes aren’t enough, here they come $50,000 more in prizes from Kongregate‘s Mobile Flash Game Contest and MochiMedia‘s Made for Mobile Contest, for a grand total of $80,000!!!

This is the first time in Flash gaming history that three big sites host contests with the same topic, this means you could enter all contest with the same game… let’s make a recap:

Cell Your Flash Game by FlashGameLicense

Prizes: from $2,600 + Adobe Creative Suite 5 Master Collection to $100 (150 places elegible)
Deadline: September 6, 2010
Criteria: The Game must be able to be played on an Android 2.2 smart phone (the “Device”) – The Game must be of a high quality level and enjoyable to players – The Game must scale appropriately to multiple screen resolutions, keeping buttons and interactive elements at a usable size – The Game’s rescaled user interfaces must work with game logic. For example, hunt-the-pixel games must not become unacceptably difficult – Game input events that aren’t supported on the Device – like mouse-over and mouse-move events – must not be important to gameplay
Official page:

Mobile Flash Game Contest by Kongregate

Prizes: from $5,000 + Adobe Creative Suite 5 Web Premium to $750 (15 places elegible)
Deadline: August 23, 2010
Criteria:Graphics optimized for mobile device; Text/Instructions/scores, clearly legible; buttons large enough to use on touch screen – Game works regardless of input options (keyboard, touch screen, accelerometer, etc), easy to navigate and play; pause/save options; intuitive; seamless landscape, portrait, and full screen display; leverage and understand the device -Loads fast, built at 25-30 frames/second, fast start up time – Addictive, unique, can be adopted across multiple audiences – Built with standards in mind; easy to adapt to other displays quickly with minimal recoding effort; device and player detection, opportunity to integrate with social media.
Official page:

Made for Mobile by MochiMedia

Prizes: from $7,000 + Adobe CS5 Master Suite to $50 (105 places elegible)
Deadline: September 24, 2010
Criteria: Must incorporate Mochi Live Updates – Must use the Mochi Ads API advertisements – Must be formatted and performance tested for mobile devices (see rules for more info) – Must be tagged/keyworded with the phrase “adobe2010” – Highly encouraged to use at least one of several mobile specific features
Official page:

Hope this recap helps. Now, it’s REALLY time to write some tutorial about mobile developing…

  • Thomas

    Curses, my current project is keyboard controlled, and I’m invested in it for a while yet. Though, I’m a good optimiser, hopefully I’ll be able to whip out some touch controls. (Thinking about it, I’d be okay with four on-screen buttons at a minimum.)

    Not ideal, but hopefully the competition inspire some great games. (And not too many boring physics games!)

  • MC

    Emanuelle, can you give some (programming) hints and tips to create a “beat ’em up” prototype? what’s the logic behind a game like this?

  • Sounds like you are tempted to make a mobile game Emmanuele!

  • jose

    what’s the difference between making mobile games and normal ones couldn’t you post a tutorial?