Showcase of three Flash game portals for Android mobile

Android powered mobiles may be a pain for iPhone thanks to full Flash support. Since Flash (also) means games, obviously the biggest portals are releasing a mobile version, specifically developed for Android mobiles.

I surfed a lot on the web and I only found three portals that really caught my attention… I also noticed that only a few of the big names already have a mobile version.

Anyway, I thougth these three sites can give you the inspiration to create your own Android Flash games portal.

Armor Games


Mochi Games

Let’s say what they have in common

* All URLs begin with a “m” as second-level domain name.

* Mochi Games and Armor Games invite the player to tap the game to play fullscreen

* Mochi Games and Kongregate use an hover effect on the main menu

* Armor Games and Kongregate display game instructions in the same page of the game (when not playing fullscreen), below the game

* All portals have a link to the full standard site

* None of them have an ad. How are they planning to monetize the mobile version?

* Kongregate and Armor Games have the right mobile doctype <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//WAPFORUM//DTD XHTML Mobile 1.0//EN" "">

* All portals embed the games with a simple object tag, without any dedicated script

* All (as far as I can see) Mochi and Kongregate games size their games to 320×320, while Armor games uses up to 480×480

How would you design a mobile games portal? Write your suggestions and I’ll try to make a decent template, maybe using WordPress… who knows…

  • Thanks for checking those out, Emanuele. Looks like Mochi is working hard to fill out their mobile version based on the YouTube video they posted the other day.

    It would be cool to have a way to use Triqui to mark games mobile or not. Some games just simply don’t work (framerate, hoverstates, etc).

  • Please define mobile version are these a mixture of scaled and custom flash games?

    Monetization: selling and avertising apps, and bring more customers to there non mobile home page, relavent video ads like movies, mochi coins?

    Do you think there is a chance of being sucessful in the mobile space at this time or is it too late?

  • jose

    I think a good mobile games portal should be like this. Little icons on the sides. The icons should be like in the friv website love those icons. then in the center the game it would be cool if around it there is an android mobile or any other cellphone picture. So no matter the game you would be playing on the “cellphone”. And Maybe bigger icons for the 10 better rated games.

  • Great post Emanuel.

    I am also working on my own flash arcade portal. It’s called ‘Android Void’. I noticed a post about game compatibility. Our site is specifically designed for Android phones, so all the games should work perfectly.

    Great job on the website!

  • I am also working on my own android flash games portal. I think I will used what is common between them.

  • newbie_raj

    need a complete game tutorial for developing a flash based game for android

  • I already have my own android games portal and it’s using wordpress as a cms

  • Have one setup here as well, check it out and play GoGo Knight Mobile

  • I agree with newbie_raj, if there was a tutorial that would show examples of turning flash games into android apps it would be very helpful.

  • I’m not sure if the row by row set-up is necessary. We set up our site based on the idea that most people who search the web on androids are used to visiting non-mobile websites.

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