Create a Flash racing game – Flex version

Hamilton Lombardi is a brazilian Flex programmer who decided to rewrite the code you can find in the original post for Flex 4.

Moreover he added a splash screen, as you can see:

The source code is clearly formatted and commented as you can see from Level class:

Really a nice conversion.

Download the full source code.

  • Zuhair

    That IS nice conversion.

    But I don’t understand why one would want to code in Flex instead of Flash?

    • Emanuele Feronato

      It’s a free alternative to Adobe Flash

    • Some say it is faster to code in Flex. And you can separate logic from assets. Do your graphics in flash, export and code in flex.

  • Nice convertion Hamilton!

  • Ensis

    Nice, but there is a bug : when you finish at last 2 races, the time you took to finish the race is written over the last ones, who are not cleared…
    Also, Emenuele, you forgot to mention the tutorial about artificial intelligence :)

  • anon

    ololo google marked you as dangerous site

  • Pyronova

    This is great for the people who don’t have flash, plus it seems to run smoother on my computer too.

    BTW, Chrome is giving me a malware warning when I visit this site.

  • Ismamad

    Very good work and thanks for sharing it.

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  • Tukkun

    There is a bug in which if you don’t touch the goal at first and go the other way to the finish, you will complete lap 1 in 0:00:00.

  • zyxstand

    another cute bug:
    before you initially cross the finish line, run the track backwards and cross the finish line backward – you will have made your first lap in 0:00 and you’re on the second lap. just turn forward and beat it :P

  • Hi,
    if i edit another file why my game dont read this changeg? :(
    I must change SWF ? HOW ?

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  • Johnny Sebaistain

    Hey dude, You said that you will create a tutorial about the player and CPU players racing eachother.Where is it!

  • Igor

    Very good, excelent, i love you….serious, i think your blog very interesting….

  • Jon Hansen

    It’s also possible to drive out of the map in the bottom.

  • Vu

    I’m quite newb, so forgive my stupidity. I have downloaded full source code, but it doesn’t run, it tells “FlexGlobals not found”, guess I’m missing something like a FlexGlobals class?

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