Create a Flash game like Gold Miner – AS3 version

After more than two years since the release of Gold Miner tutorial, Luke Mikelonis wants to share with us the AS3 version he made to to practice up a bit on AS3.

There are four classes: Main (the main one), Boulders, Pod, Rod.

There isn’t that much theory to explain as the basics have been already discussed in the original post.

Anyway, this is Main class:

This is Boulder class:

This is Pod class:

And finally Rod class:

This is the result:

Use arrow keys to move the Pod, and mouse button to fire.

Download the source code. Hope this helps you to convert AS2 scripts to AS3.

  • What an addicting old flash game. It’s simple mechanic made you learn how to play the game as soon as you open it. But mastering the game is another story.
    Thanks for your sharing.

  • Luke

    It’s an honor to have my conversion posted in this blog :) If anybody notices any bad practices anywhere (I wasn’t sure how to implement the Rod class and did my best), it’d be great if you could point them out, as I am still learning how ActionScript 3 and OOP works.

    • Von

      hello Luke, I am Von and currently making a project which is like that. I am having struggle with how the codes work (its my first time developing a game and I’m a newbie in flash programming). Please help me pal. Here’s my e-mail . Your help is very much appreciated. Thank you! :D

  • mc

    Emanuele, when will you post another post-morten / monetization update? :)

  • BobTheCoolGuy

    I remember playing this game a long time ago. What a great game it was.

  • plasmacannon

    one thing if your gonna start a project please finsh it you have lots of unfinshed ones and your starting new ones

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  • Hello this is the version translate to Spanish:

    Versión traducida al español por si alguien le interesa :)

    Un saludo y gracias Emanuele :)

  • fernandobernardo(Brazil)

    Where do I put these codes?

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  • Quintus Kilsdonk

    Isn’t it cooler to make the balls collide? :)

  • NICK

    Thanks for your sharing.It very nice for me and learning more…I will come back this web,I like it


    if i download the source i see nothing in the flv file but if i publish the file it shows what youve created

    can someone help me?

    information about my flash version
    Adobe Flash Professional cs5
    trial version

  • Tim

    If I’ve made an intro menu with animation how can I make this class start after pressing a button?

  • Tony

    how can i place different kind of boulders in this game?