Find the Photoshop brushes you need on BrushLovers

If you want to improve your Photoshop workflow, you need a good brushes library to easily add graphic elements or effects to your pictures.

Sometimes you find yourself trying to draw some Christmas ornaments for the background of your image, or browsing the web looking for some Photoshop brushes which can fit your needs just to find the set of brushes you just downloaded cannot be used for commercial projects, or it simply does not have the quality or the resolution you was expecting from the preview.

BrushLovers is one of the largest collections of exclusive and high-quality Photoshop brushes you can find for download, free for both personal and commercial use.

You can also buy premium brushes starting from $3, or save money purchasing brush packs. But unlike most commercial brushes collections, BrushLovers‘s free and premium brushes have the same quality, they are all high-resolution, and perfect for both Web and print design.

As example, if you look at the Light Brushes collection, you will find 13 free sets out of 15.

All brushes have been tested for compatibility in Photoshop CS, CS2, CS3, CS4 and CS5 and can be installed in Adobe Photoshop on both Windows and Mac.

The only limit is you can’t download more than 10 free brushes per day, but it won’t be a limit since in a single day you won’t need a larger amount of brushes.

Anyway, I wanted to test the service and I downloaded Lush Leaves. Let’s see the effective quality of this brush.

From the preview page you can see we are going to download an 1MB six-brushes set. The zipped file contains two preview images and the brush file itself.

This is a detail of the brush at its maximum size, as you can see it does not scatter in any way.

I tested various other brushes as well and the quality was always high.

If you work with Photoshop, then you can’t miss BrushLovers on your bookmarks.

  • itisasecret

    “If you work with Photoshop, then you can’t have BrushLovers on your bookmarks.”
    Double negative required…

    • Emanuele Feronato

      thank you

  • Miguel

    how much did they pay you for making this blog post, emanuele?

  • Naja
  • Dwayne

    Your blog is very nice. Thank you. I have read some of your tutorials. Have you ever written one about making multiplayer games ?

  • realy nice brushes – sadly im using gimp -.-

  • Thanks for sharing, keep up the good work going…. I’m enjoying your website.
    I prefer custom shapes over brushes. Do you know a good website for custom shapes?

  • Thanks… what a collection!