Flash 3D Sokoban Prototype with Alternativa3D – final version

Flare3D and Away3D versions of the Sokoban prototype have been published. What’s now?

Directly from InspiritGames we have an Alternativa3D port of the prototype.

It’s a great porting, although it looks a bit “flat” because Alternativa3D does not support light.

In the same blog you can find the Alternativa3D first prototype and even a version with a walking character.

Here it is the source code:

and this is the result:

Download the source code.

Which engine would you use?

  • This one is much smoother and responsive then the other.

  • Yeah, alternativa seems faster!

  • be2inas

    I like this one. its ment for speed. Who uses ligts anyway. Papervision isnt developed anymore, Away3d is slow and Flare3d isnt free.

  • The speed difference is obvious from the previous examples.Nice demo

  • Rob Fox

    Hmm, would like to see same libraries running molehill tests.

  • It seems that is the winner, isn’t it?
    That was great series of articles. Thank you.

  • oh my good! :)

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  • very cool!

  • Why the camera move so raw? I have Flash Player 10.3

  • Wow that is very cool, nice use of alternativa3d. Hope to see some more examples!

  • swift… nice sample… thanks for the source code :)