3D Sokoban Prototype with Unity

If you are following my Sokoban3D series, after seeing the final examples made with Flare3D, Away3D and Alternativa3D, you probably wonder what can be done with Unity, “the most powerful engine this side of a million dollars” as said on the official site.

I played a bit with the engine and I found the learning curve quite soft. Obviously you will need a complete tutorial (which will be published in a couple of days) if you are new to Unity, anyway I tried to keep the script and much similar as possible to the scripts made with the Flash 3D engines.

This is (almost) pure javascript for the game…

And this is the script which controls the camera:

Finally, this is the result:

LEFT, RIGHT and UP arrow to play. Next, I’ll prepare the textured version then a tutorial will follow.

  • WebGL is next ? ;)

  • Andy Cotton

    Im curious to see the Molehill version of Away, Alternativa and Flare3D.
    Seems that AS3 is more familiar for me than using javascript.. How does it integrate with flash to made an user interface ???

    Do you already has the Unity Molehill exporter ?? Theres an official date for launching ??

    happy to see that 3D comes in so many flavors . Developers has more and more choices. We all win.

    • I’m also waiting of Malehill stable release and 3D engines on it.
      Where did you heard about Unity Molehill exporter?

  • Gaz

    I was wondering how the process on the textured version and tutorial are going. I really find it fascinating you made this with only 138 lines of code

  • Jennifer

    Hi Emanuele,

    Can you post the source code from this version so i can study it better?

    I copied your code, created a scene and applied the camera code on my main camera and the other code on my floor.

    It only works parcially, if i can compare my scene to yours would help me a lot to understand it.