Create complex Box2D shapes in a click with PhysicsEditor

With Box2D is very easy to create primitives like boxes or spheres, but when you have to handle more complex shapes, things get nasty.

You have to use compound objects and it’s not as intuitive as it should be.

In our help comes PhysicsEditor by Andreas Low

The software allows you to create complex bodies simply dragging your shapes inside the editor and press the auto trace button! No more clicking. Then adjust the shape’s physics parameters and directly export to your game development framework.

I am currently using this software for a game prototype I am designing but I am not ready to make a review, but I can assure you this software really rocks.

Watch the official video:

I am also using the .as exporter so at this time I am able to show the Flash results of what you are seeing in the video:

I removed the textures so you can see how objects are made.

  • Tom

    Now this is hugely useful! Thanks for that.

  • Davide

    I’m following this editor too, not tried it (yet) but it seems very interesting, constant updates and compatible with Mac and Windows (even if Mac version is update often), seems very cool and indispensable to easy prepare complex object that would require lot of time using vertex arrays!

  • Jack

    Nice find Emanuele … but how do you export to action script ?

  • Oh – sorry. I’ll update PhysicsEditor right now. Emanuele got a prerelease version….

  • Fixed ;-)

    Any type of feedback welcome to the flash exporter.

    • Jack

      Great work Andreas … re-downloading it now !

  • Wow this looks impressive and realy helpfull.
    If i ever get started with my own flash games and do one with physics i will check back on it!

  • I found a script that does it in game, on the fly – but crashes sometime, not sure why. Need to find a script that allows you to provide a set of points, then return an array or primitive objects.

    The one I have translates the set of points into clockwise points, then separates them into a series of convex objects, but is somewhat useless because stuck in an infinite loop at some shapes.

    Had to change my game structure becuase couldn’t find a workable script :-/

    If this is OS, I’ll definitely have to use the algorithm!

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  • Aladinho

    I just wonder how can I change the origin of the body that I import from editor

  • Razorhill

    Honestly an awesome engine, really looks great – cant await to get home and test it out. Thanks!

  • Aymeric

    The BOX2D alchemy version doesn’t include setAsArray method… any idea to replace it ?

  • ppiper

    I am having real problems with this.
    I have tried it in flash builder 4.6
    and flash 5.5 but I keep getting errors.
    Can i get a source file for this