Flash Game Development by Example – My book is on the shelves!!

This is a very important day for me and the blog. After about seven months of writing, coding, rewriting and recoding, finally my (first) book is on the shelves!!

The title is Flash Game Development by Example and it’s a complete AS3 guide to the creation of 10 (9 on the book + 1 extra chapter available online) classic games.

Following the style of the blog, with games dissected and explained line by line, in the book every feature of the game is explained in deep detail. I just want you to know the chapters initially have been decided to be 11, but due to the high number of pages, we had to drop a chapter. Just imagine how much I went in depth explaining line by line the whole code.

Writing a book is a great milestone in a blogger life, but once the book is published, another challenge awaits me: selling it. Talking with the guys at Packt Publishing, they have set the goal of 2,000 copies sold as a “great achievement”. To show them I am more than great, I want to sell an extra 10%, for a grand total of 2,200 copies.

If you love the blog, if you found it a great resource for improving your programming skills, you can learn a lot more if you buy a copy of the book.

Writing a book is not just creating tutorials for another media, it’s a great experience I will blog about during next days. It made me a better writer.

Now I want to focus on game development and start coding some Flash games to release as soon as possible, but after this summer I’d probably be writing another book.

And now, something about the book itself and its scope:

You can’t call yourself a Flash game developer unless you know how to build certain essential games, and can quickly use the skills and techniques that make them up.

Flash Game Development by Example is an ultra-fast paced game development course. Learn step-by-step how to build 10 classic games. Each game introduces new game development skills, techniques, and concepts. By the end of the book you will have built ten complete games – and have the skills you need to design and build your own game ideas.

The book starts with simple well known puzzle games: Concentration and Minesweeper. After learning the basics of game design you’ll introduce AI with a four-in-a-row game. Then as you build your own versions of old arcade games such as Snake, Tetris, and Astro Panic. The book ends with a collection of modern casual classics.

In each chapter you’ll build a complete game, starting with simple puzzlers and working your way up to games similar to the most popular online casual games. Each game introduces a range of essential skills that all Flash game developers should know. There’s never a dull moment – you’re building working, fun games right from Chapter 1.

I also created a one page site about the book, to better spread the word. You can check it at www.flashgamedevbook.com.

I need your help to let coders there is an awesome AS3 book around there, so if you have a blog, I’d appreciate you to mention the site.

Go buy Flash Game Development by Example. By the end of the book you will have built ten complete games – and have the skills you need to design and build your own game ideas.

  • Philippe

    I’m so happy for you.
    Double thumbs up!

  • Adam

    I’ve been leeching from your site for a while now so I suppose I’ll give something back and pick up a copy as soon as I can =]


  • Congratulations Emanuele! Your blog has been a source of great inspiration and valuable information for years now, and I’m very pleased to see your expertise published in book form.

    Best of luck with sales! I am buying a copy. :)

  • Alexandre Colella

    I bought the book!

  • Congratz Emanuele..
    I like ur blog, ur teaching coding. And one of ur fans..
    I hope ur book will give inpiring another people to learn code AS3 more

    Greeting from Indonesia

  • Niraj


  • Congrats! Because I live in the U.S., you posted this tomorrow! haha it’s only march 23 here :)

  • Innes

    Best of luck with the book.

    I had a brief look at the one-page book promotion website that you have created, and although I have not read it in great detail, I noticed a small grammatical error that you may want to to correct…

    In the final section, “About the Author”, you have start with the words, “The author itself…”, which should be changed to “The author himself“. I might even suggest removing itself completely as it reads just fine in the form, “The author hates the yada yada”.

    I hope you are not offended by my constructive criticism; the quality of your English language is amazing considering it is a second-language.

  • Innes

    I can’t see in any of the descriptions of the book which tools will be required to write the games. I would assume that Flash is needed because it is in the title of the book (!) but which version? Are any other tools required? Will buyers of the book need to buy any other tools to help them create their games?

    And, is Flash definitely needed or can a development environment like FlashDevelop be used instead?

    Considering the type of reader being targeted (absolute beginners), I think it is important for the publisher to address these issues in the ‘blurb’.

    Again, I’m just trying to offer constructive criticism. I hope it helps!

  • Awesome, I hope it sells well! I’ll have to check it out next week and try to write up a review.

    Any chance of it being released on kindle format? I like the pdf’s too, but kindle reader works much better on my android than the pdf readers :o

    Also, is it just aimed at beginners, or as it sounds, going from basics to pretty advanced?

    Greta to hear, didn’t even know you were writing a book!

  • Another ‘must have’ to the cart, congratulations.

  • Emanuele Feronato

    Thank you for the criticism Innes I am fixing the issues you showed me.

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  • Ze Ferreira

    Congratulations Emanuele, sure i will buy it.

  • Pip


    but I have one question. Do you “just” teach the game logic or everything else, too? I mean game menus, pausing, etc.

    • Emanuele Feronato

      apart from the game logic, there’s a basic AI and saving data using SharedObjects, but no menu or options like pausing.

      • Naches

        Can you do a tutorial on menus? basically game state manager. cheers

  • Michael Borbor

    No Kindle version yet :(

  • Congratulations!

    Is it just me or is everyone making books now? And all with Packt! They have a monopoly on the flash tutorial market now… :v

  • Well done! Im trying to find the cheapest place to buy it right now, im sure its gonna be a great read

  • Is it just aimed at beginners, or as it sounds, going from basics to pretty advanced?

    Also, do you have the game demos from each chapter up somewhere?

  • Jordi Sanglas Molist

    I’ll buy this book, definitely.

    Just a question: Does the book give advice to avoid spaghetti code?

  • Joey Clover

    Bought it. Nice price. Ought to be a great read. Good job, Emanuele!

  • I made an example of one of the games at:

    That is the first game you shall learn.

  • Congratulations! I look forward to reading your book. I’ve already learned a ton from your resources1

  • EPadilla

    Congratulations Emmanuelle for this achievement.
    I most add to this comment, many of us have been learning from this blog for a long time. I say it’s time to give you something back; I am sure the book is as good as this site so I will just go ahead and purchase it. Thanks a lot for all your effort and unconditionally help to the flash community.


  • Hi,

    Congratulations for getting it out. Where’s the thanks to your tech editor though? :P

    • Emanuele Feronato

      in the book itself!!

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  • Fernando

    Hello Sir..would you give me some tutorial to create playing card game in flash?..i want to build/develop my own game..but i never code using flash…my biggest problem is how to create the animation and how to draw the card in flash?..please reply me Sir..

  • Just bought this book and loving it.

    Cheers from Australia

  • vbcpp

    Just purchased your book. Most of it looks to be below the level I’m currently at, but I like your writing style so I’m sure I’ll learn something from it. Will learn about using flash cs at least! Price was no issue compared to my college textbooks, can’t wait for it to get here!

  • Alexandre Colella

    OK. My version of memory game of the book!
    Thanks Emanuele!


  • can we use your book to make games for commercial purposes. For example, @alexandre’s version of concentration if for profit i’m assuming.

    just want to know before i do something wrong.
    Thanks. Your new book is amazing.

    • Emanuele Feronato

      sure you can robert!!!

  • Kunjal

    Hi Emanuele,

    I recently laid my hands on your book and would say its among the best buys.
    I have also started developing the Puzzle bubble game from 8th chapter. But I am facing few problems seems like algorithms works fine at times and sometimes they don’t. May be I have missed something important while making it.

    It would be great if you could hep me out. If possible please let me know where to upload my files so you could have a look.

    All the best for your book.

  • Will this be available on kindle? (please make it available on kindle!)… :) it looks awesome

  • Marino

    Indeed a really good book, even tho I’ve to admit its not flawless :-/, there are still few mistakes in the code. But usually they’re that small, that everyone can fix them theirself.

    Anyways, I’d look forward for another one! It’s clearly worth the money, and I can just suggest everyone who thinks about getting a copy – do it!


  • Alexander

    Yes! this is what I have been looking for! =D Emanuele I will definitely buy the book!

  • hi sir Emanuele im a fan of your works Im studying all the as3 samples with box2d. i want to be like you i want to create a game of my own this is my passion thanks for inspiring me. i have no money to have your book but i really want to have is it possible to sell some games i made just to buy your book? thanks a lot god bless and more power

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  • thomas

    Arun Nadar at Packt Publishing said I should contact you and ask how to do the second exercise of Chapter Two(Minesweeper); it was asking how you could make it so it knows when you’ve won the game. I know the variables needed but I have trouble finding how to go through all the different tiles.

  • Emanuele Feronato

    I know thomas, I am writing you/him tomorrow.

  • thomas


  • thomas

    I don’t want to hurry you, but i contacted him today and he says that he has not recieved an email from you. most probably you’ve not had the time to do it which is fine or maybe there was a mailing problem

  • Ok, after reading few of your blog post, I am pretty convinved. I just purchased the ebook version. Reading it now.

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  • TigerGeek

    Unlucky i am not live in U.S..
    Really want to buy yr book!

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  • SM

    I’m looking for a link to any updates/corrections. (I’m reading this book through my Safari subscription.) I’ve tried repeatedly to correct a problem I keep encountering in Ch. 3: The disc in Connect 4 keeps appearing on top of the board. I’ve followed the code. I don’t know if the error is a result of something I did when drawing the Symbols in Flash or if I’m just not understanding Display List hierarchy. I desperately want to figure it out on my own, so maybe just a hint…

  • Pat

    Hey Emanuele, I love the book! I was hoping to take the Snake game further by adding a few things like disappearing fruit that reappears elsewhere on the grid, a score system, title screen, etc. Any suggestions on how to go about implementing stuff like that?

  • Paul

    Hi do you need Flash from Adobe to follow the book or is it enough to have FlashDevelop? I notice someone else asked the question but didn’t see any answer? Thanks, Paul

  • DuqueKarl

    Hi Emanuele!

    I bought your book and I really loved it! I went from zero to understanding everything, you are such a great teacher! ;) I started doing my some small demo games and finally I made my first commercial videogame which I just sold through FGL in January! I am really happy and fulfilled for having finished a videogame and got money for it, and I am very grateful to you and your book/blog for it!

    My game is called SteamyBalls and it has been now online for 10 days, with 1.5 million plays :) You can play it here: http://www.duquekarl.com/?p=854

    My small games site is also based in your awesome WordPress plugin with some customization!

    Thanks for all and keep the great job, mate!

  • Hey Emanule,

    I read your book and got really excited with the connect 4 example and did a multiplayer edition as an exercise, that later become somewhat a product!

    Check it out http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/627642

  • Lino Junior

    hello emanuelle recently I got your book Flash Game Development by Example captain and eight ‘bublbe pulzze “the end of my code not compiling this you could help me?
    thank you!

  • Lino Junior

    hello! already decided. the problem was that instead of removeChild (getChildByName (i + “_” + j)??);
    is placed removeChild (getChildByName (i + “,” + j)??);

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