Complete game prototype using Flare3D and JiglibFlash

This time I am going to start a tutorial series… from the end.

I am showing you the final prototype of a game made with Flare3D and JiglibFlash.

It’s a 3D physics game in which the physics is managed with JiglibFlash while the 3D representation is made with Flare3D. Also, I used a modified version of the Flare3D plugin developed by Christian Östman, the author of A Small Car.

The game is simple: you control the red ball with arrow keys, and there are 10 blue boxes falling at each second. You have to push squares away from the floor, making them fall in dead space.


* 3D Physics
* 3D Rendering
* Z sorting
* Shadows

Here it is:

Use arrow keys to control the ball.

Do you have clues about the making of this prototype?

I am showing how to do it next time, meanwhile let me hear your ideas.

  • Mike

    Greetings, nice prototype
    This could be a cool little game. Just put different 4 color blocks and 4 baskets to the four sides. Then pu a timer and the goal is to bump every block to his basket or at least certain amoun 60% also well be good to bounce from walls, cause this type of ball games always drive me crazy when i fall down. :)
    I’ll wait for the guide for this :)

  • Very nice prototype! works smoothly and perfectly!
    Although still a prototype, it is very funny to knock down the boxes!

  • chp

    This is very cool. Why not do implement it like a flipper? You bump the ball from bottom position & then you can tilt the ball with the accelerometer of the device (if it’s mobile, and it should :)). Then you have to bump as many balls as possible with a specific number of balls (or with the least number as highscore).

    Could be something like angry birds.

    Looking forward to the tut!

  • Danyal

    You could turn this into a Snooker game! Just wait until next year’s world championships and then release it on the first day…

  • This is way cool.
    It would be nice to see different solid figures falling and implement a game a la dragon dice. Different figures could be different monsters and the face of a figure something like a body part (claws, wings, fangs, mouth).

    It could be like a creature fight.

    Or it could have a little interface to decide how many dice throw and their shape to use in a tabletop RPG.

  • Should be exciting and really fun create levels with 3d studio. Thanks for the article!!

  • Very nice prototype …

    Any chance to get the full prototype project code or any tut about it ?



  • fox

    It’s cool, but no shadows Flare3D_2047b

  • yann_p

    Will there be a tutorial for this? Thanks.

  • Shuang

    Great technology, but the major IT industry giants boycott, Flash was completely abandoned by Adobe, the interpretation of language is a pit