Play GuessNext for iPhone, a web app game powered by jQuery Mobile

Do you want to play a web app game for iPhone? Go to or use this QR Code

and play GuessNext for iPhone!

It’s the web remake of an old game I published on Kongregate more than three years ago, and it’s the perfect kind of game if you want to take the first steps into iPhone web app development.

During the next days I will explain in detail every (interesting) line of code, meanwhile have a look at the features:

* Powered by jQuery Mobile
* Optimized to be launched from Home
* Loading screen (only if played from Home)
* Custom icon when adding it to Home
* Reminder to add it to Home if the game is not launched from Home
* Smooth transitions between pages
* Best score saved locally
* In game Adsense ads
* Views and plays tracking powered by Playtomic

The game was built starting from the tutorials Making a game with HTML + jQuery Mobile and publishing it to Apple App Store step 1 and step 2, reading those tutorials will give you a lot of clues about the development of this game.

Your feedback is needed to improve a bit the game, to finally convert it into a native iPhone app. Also, I would like to know your best scores.

  • Yesterday Pod training O_O now an iPhone game X_X…you really are an inspiration to many of us :)

  • Nikolay

    I found bug – 2 Aces in first try

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  • Nice game.

    If you want to develop it further it could be optimized for the iPad screen size. Cards and buttons are too small.

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  • Devon

    I don’t know much code, but I was hoping you could help me. I’m in the process of making a very simple 2D game. You control our character with the Arrow Keys, you need to collect a Star to unlock a lock & collect a key to be able to finish the level.

    With my lack of experience, I’m having trouble creating a challenge to this game. I was thinking of adding some enemies but am clueless about how I would go about it. So even a good enemy, just something that will go where I want (Like circle around an object), and once your character touches it, the game gets restarted. Would you be able to help with this?

    *Also, I’m having troubles with my locked door. I’ve made the code for it once at school but forgot it. I don’t only want the locked door to go invisible, I want it’s code to stop working.

  • Beany

    If the shitty iPhone actually supported Flash this could be much better, easier to create, and perform smoother, as Android has proven with Flash.

  • Matteo


    bellissimo questo gioco.
    Io vorrei realizzarne uno di questo tipo per iphone.
    Puoi contattarmi per un preventivo?


  • Mark

    Hi Emanuele. It would be beneficial to people reading your blog if you can link part 1 to point to part 2, and part 2 to point back to part 1. When reading part 1 I couldn’t find the link to part 2 (and it took me a while to find part 2). When will part 3 be released?