Develop a string avoider prototype with Corona SDK

As you know, Stringy game was built starting from this prototype: Develop a Flash game like String Avoider – AS3 version – and more!.

Christian Wisniewski made a Corona version of the prototype to be played on mobile devices as you can see here:

With this main.lua file:

During next days I will improve the prototype, maybe this could be a start for a mobile version of Stringy game.

  • Chris

    Uh what a pleasure :)
    I’ve also posted an improved version using images of blurred dots due to the lack of AA for newCircle/newLine in Corona.

    If you have any questions, let me know :)

  • Hi Chris I’ve also created string movement in Corona SDK in a pretty similar fashion to yours but with no fade and using display.newRect instead. I also handle movement a little differently.

    I am just preparing marketing materials and hope to have a string based game out on the iOS early January.

  • Chris

    Hey Huss!
    I just made the Fade-Effect to demonstrate what’s possible and how to accomplish that.
    In my first Version, I made the movement in an enterFrame that was added and removed within the touchHandler.
    But it seemed to be a bit stupid. If you want to share your way, feel free to :)
    Also is there any reason you used newRect? In my final version, I just soft blurred dots as newImage.

    I think this can be useful for some gameTypes! Thanks again Emanuele for sharing your code with the Community! :)

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