Play Slingy, my latest Flash game, on Hairy Games

I want you all to play Slingy, my latest Flash game, sponsored by Hairy Games.

In this physics game you have to beat all 40 levels collecting as much orbs as you can, throwing the ball with a sling. To make your life harder, several kind of blocks to avoid or interact with.

You can find some information about the prototype in these posts:

* Controlling a ball like in Flash Elasticity game tutorial
* Flash Elasticity prototype – AS3 version
* When Elasticity meets Bloons

The physics is powered by Box2D, while I used Flint particle system for the particles.

Talking about advertising, I used MochiMedia for the in-game ads and FlashGameLicense to find a sponsorship.

I recommend Rick from Hairy Games: he provides constructive feedback, helps you to make the game better and the branding process is easy.

I also used both Playtomic and MochiBot to track game statistics.

Play ita, rate it and give me feedback.

I will update you with some interesting new about the game once it’s in the wild for some time.

  • Too Dificult to understand on the first time you play. It rl needs a in game tutorial. For casual gamers this is too hard to learn how to play, needs to be more intuitive. Try to do one good tutorial. TY

  • Can you just hint on the amount of bid ;)

  • nice…games

  • MC

    I noticed one problem… you should have made the game area bigger than the play area since the cursor leaves the flash area often and you loose control when that happens

  • Soma

    I think a slight change in controls might make the game a bit more intuitive–rather than clicking to release the ball, click within the circle, then drag and release the mouse to release the ball. I think it would feel slightly more natural, and would also avoid the problem of dragging the mouse too far and accidentally clicking on an ad (which happened to me several times).

    Love your blog (and your book!), by the way–thanks for all the great work!

  • Chris

    1. How about a if the player can reuse the ball if it falls back into the circle?
    2. The thrown ball should turn to yellow so you can see how much time it will be “alive”?

  • Chris

    I am not the biggest fan of balls :). I don’t think that angry birds would have became a grat succes if you had to defeat sqares by throwing balls. I think this game has potential…

  • why have Trojan???????????????

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