SamePhysics Flash game source code released

More than three years ago I released my first Box2D game called SamePhysics.

It was an experiment to port the famous tile based game SameGame into a real-world physics environment, and despite it was nothing that a prototype with some bugs – especially with collision management – the game got some success, with about 2.5 million views and two sponsorships by Rotten Tomato Games (now offline) and GirlGames.

Now I am making a sequel of the game, more polished, fun and playable, and it’s time to release the source code of the good old SamePhysics.

You are warned: the code is “as is” and it’s not even the latest Box2D distribution, but I think it could be interesting to learn the basics of Box2D programming from a real world successful example.

Download the source code.

  • I remember that being a good game. Thanks for the share.

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    thanks for code…i used this game and be was very useful…
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