Circle Chain ported to AS3 with commented source code available. Ready to jump to the iPhone

If you are a long time reader, you know Circle Chain was my first Flash game released to start experimenting how to monetize Flash games.

More than four years have passed, and I ported my old AS2 game to AS3, giving you the commented source code of a complete game.

But it’s not over… since it was my first Flash game, it will also be my first iPhone game. While you are reading this post, I am porting it to iPhone using Air for Flash. I will keep you updated about the making and the submission of the game in the App Store.

This is the AS3 game, with the same flaws as the original:

and this is the source code, keep in mind my library is made this way:

BackGroundImage: the background image

BlueMob: the blue circle (for some reason I used “mob” rather than “circle”)

CongratzScreen: the congratulations screen you see when you complete the game

GameMusic: the music

GameTitle: the splash screen

GreenBullet: the green bullet

GreenMob: the green circle

HowMany: contains a dynamic text field called howManyText

LevelIntro: contains two dynamic text fields called levelName and levelNotes

PlayerBullet: the player bullet

PlayerCircle: the circle controlled by the player

PurpleBullet: the purple bullet

PurpleMob: the purple circle

YellowBullet: the yellow bullet

YellowMob: the yellow circle

And here we go:

This is the content of TheBullet class:

And this is the content of TheMob class:

Download the source code and see you soon in the App Store.

  • You should check out “bubble blaster 2” for android. It has somewhat similar game play concept, but simpler, and “cutesy” graphics.

    I found it only moderately fun, but it was one of the top games for a long time!

    Hope it does well and we see an android version soon!

  • Yarek

    I think it’s nice and easy to play but I’ve found a bug that you should take into account before submitting it to the appstore.

    At level 10 “Feeling blue?” I’m stuck with a Exploded 5/1 and the game doesn’t finish or restart the level it just doesn’t know that I did my movement and failed so I can’t do anything at all. Yellow it’s been killed and also some blues.

    Hope this helps, see you and thanks for all the good work you do ;)

  • hemgui

    I also have Yarek’s problem on level 10.

  • It also might be nice to have a mute button on the home screen – I thought it was one of those darn ‘auto-starting ads’ when I had my volume on :o

  • tibbi

    Ive had no problems at level 10 at all. My only problem was the not completable level 18, so Ive seen the congratulations pic only after downloading the source :D
    And ye, all it misses is a mute button. Great game, doesnt even need drawing skills.

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  • James

    I finally won after numerous attempts and glitches occuring forcing me to restart the game. Now time to look at the coding and try to see if I can figure out what causes the glitches.

  • Luo

    Also level 10.It doesn`t restart again.

  • very good game.thanks

  • Matt

    Level 18 for me. Hit the required one and 3 blues. It didn’t reset after this and I was stuck.

  • Not bad. Not bad at all, in fact I like it!

  • nelson

    question… so i was trying to add my own mob sprites so i made an orange one… Everything seems to work except trying to make it have its own set of bullets it extends from every other mob bullet depending where i place it. Can you help me with that? just trying to expand my as3 knowlegde