Bejeweled engine made using StencylWorks

Do you think StencylWorks can be used only to make Flixel-like platform games?

Some days ago I showed you a video preview of a StencylWorks Bejeweled prototype, and now I am publishing it for you to try it.

It was entirely made using the behavior palette (no coding) and includes (almost) all the funny features you can see in any Bejeweled game, including combos and matches with more than three jewels.

I just have to optimize a bit the behaviors, adding score and levels and I will release for free the entire project, meanwhile you can have a look at it:

If you find a bug, please report it.

Icons by FastIcon.

  • What is FPS of this demo?

  • Emanuele Feronato


  • Excellent! I’m blown away by Stencyl being able to do this. Nice job.

  • Ben C

    I hope this doesn’t sound too critical, but personally I think it’s very lackluster as is. Unless you can achieve a nice, fluid tweening motion in StencylWorks, you’re at a huge disadvantage. Part of the fun of these types of games is the smooth motions and shiny effects applied to the gems and powerups. Without that it can’t compete with the hundreds of existing Bejeweled clones.

  • James

    Some matches can be made from one side to the other side of the grid. It seems that each fruit from left to right up to down is labeled 1-64 or something. If you make a match with integers 8 apart or consecutive integers even if it’s on the opposite side of the grid then it will count.

  • rayanuki

    Hi, a month ago, I was searching for bejeweled engine when I encountered your previous bejeweled game. I tried using it and found out that it is hard to modify to add additional animations and effects. I ended up using only the “concept and logic” from your previous engine and rewrite the whole code myself. I hope this one is more flexible than the first.

  • Tom

    Hi, this looks amazing! When will you release this project? I definitely want to play with and learn StencylWorks now.

  • Good tutorial
    Thanks! I like the way you write

  • I really want to have it. I always wanted to learn how to code a game like that.

  • May you publish the “code” via photo?
    I want to learn how it works!

  • replytome

    Hey i really love how fluid your game is i was wondering if you ever did upload the project or maybe you didn’t get round too it what ever the reason, sure would appreciate it if you sent me a link thanks :)

  • Can you include this with Video Tutorial, it would be awesome if you did !!