Circle Chain available for free on iTunes App Store!!

I’ve made it! Finally Circle Chain is available for free on iTunes App Store!!

If you aren’t a regular reader of the blog (shame on you!!), Circle Chain was my first Flash game recently ported to AS3

I still can’t believe it, seeing your name in the App Store for the first time is quite an achievement, so let me feature on the blog an icon I was waiting to publish for a long time:

Anyway, now that the road to make iPhone games is open, I am going to focus a bit on Flash and Stencyl for iPhone game development, and my first commercial game should be ready very soon, so I can start sharing my experiences about monetizing an iPhone game.

Meanwhile, don’t forget I made it possible thanks to Stencyl, and I am going to release the complete source code of the project as soon as the game gets 1,000 downloads, so download it (it’s free!) and share the voice.

Get Circle Chain for your iPhone!!