Creation of a Concentration game in 22 minutes using Stencyl

I always say you can make game in a matter of minutes if you are using the right tools like Stencyl.

Today I decided to prove it so I made a Concentration game from scratch, recording the screen during the entire process (graphic creation excluded).

What I got is a 22 minutes video which demonstrates how easy was to create the game. You can also see I wasted some minutes dealing with a couple of mistakes I made with windows and behaviors… that was because I really made it from scratch.

Looking at the video, you can also learn how to make the game, and you will see how easy is to make games with Stencyl. All in all, it was harder to manage Camtasia to export it in the right format.

I suggest you to watch this video in 720p full screen, I tried to do my best to preserve a good quality.

Also tell me what do you think about screencasts like this one, could it be a good way to learn visual tools like Stencyl?

  • I would prefer a voice-over personally, but I understand that can slow down the process (I have a hard time clicking and speaking at the same time myself! haha). But it’s definitely interesting to watch! Keep’em coming :)

  • Thank you! =D

  • If you have a chance, please add a splash screen and a message when the user win.
    Maybe add time, so the user has to finish in a certain amount of time.

  • George Nita

    Very interesting Emanuel. Stencyl is a great tool for making games.

  • Ho good. Nice video

  • The new stencyl in town

    I personally think its better that you go back to screenshots of behaviour cuz
    >i is not affected by the buffer and can also be viewed on a low end cellphone.
    >its more easy for both of us
    >i just like that method
    >its what makes this site different than all the other sites out there

  • thanks for your tutorials!

    i’ts really teaching me a lot!

  • TemplarNord

    Where did you film the graphic creation?

  • vitor

    Hey :

    it is possible tu sumit the project for download and test in stencyl¿?????