Circle Chain engine using Starling

Do you know Starling? It’s an open source game engine for Flash which takes advantage of new Flash Player 11 Stage3D feature.

Despite its name, Stage3D can also be used for 2D projects, so I am making another port of the Circle Chain engine using Starling.

I would suggest you to use Flash Builder 4.6 because it publishes for Flash Player 11 with no workarounds. You can download a free trial at this link.

The creation of a Flash Builder Starling project is very easy: first, start a new ActionScript project

Then, once you defined your project name and path, don’t click on “Finish” but on “Next”…

… and in the “Source path” tab specify the path to starling\src folder inside your Starling folder.

Then, everything is very easy: you create a Starling instance:

and is:

Notice how included Sprite and Event classes are taken from Starling package rather than Flash default classes.

This is just a quick prototype and it isn’t even optimized to run on FP11, so that’s all at the moment:

But if you want to know more about Starling, I will be glad to continue until the finished game.

  • Donny

    What a simple and easy example to understand,,
    this is my really first time use flash builder :D

    i have no idea about this line,
    can you explain it shortly please, because i got warning when i write that line down,,

    thank you,, :D

  • Lucas

    Could you please keep making tutorials on starling? I want to learn how to optimist my 2D projects to use FP11 :)

  • James

    I know this is irrelevant, but can you make a tutorial for making a game like Jetpack Joyride or just a helicopter game?

  • MC

    The Starling framework looks interesting,
    specially the multitouch support and GPU features…

  • thanks very much i was looking for this

  • Jarray42

    It would be great if you make a tutorial on how to combine Starling with Box2D

  • Francesco

    Hi Emanuele, I am totally new to Starling and I have a question that might sound stupid: when you compile a project that uses Starling classes (that use Stage 3D) as an SWF, can you still test your SWF locally on a desktop computer in the Flash Player (NOT on a webpage) even if your desktop computer had no dedicated graphic card?
    Thanks in advance for any reply.