Stencyl complete Concentration game

Do you remember my video showing how to make a Concentration game with Stencyl?

This is the finished game, with splash screen, replay button, and counters for time passed and picks:

Most of the process to build the game can bee seen in the video, so there isn’t that much to explain, anyway if you have doubts, just leave a comment and I’ll be glad to help you.

You can download the game on StencylForge searching for Concentration or downloading the complete source project.

By the way, what’s your best time/picks result?

  • 48 seconds and 29 picks :)

    Cool game btw!

  • If we follow your tutorial and make the gam can we distribute to bring traffic
    to our arcade site? I think I have heard you say its ok if we reskin your
    tutorials or source code and do that. I have bought your book and its a
    good one. Thanks.

  • Ricky

    44 sec and 19 picks

  • RickyCavazos

    40 sec 17 pics :P

  • 37 sec 18 pics

    Great game!

  • Marco

    A great video Emanuele. I managed to create a game like yours about animals just following your steps. My little students loved it. :) But I have been trying to make a concentration game with pictures that are not the same, for example, having two different pictures of a cat, two different pictures of a tiger, two different pictures of an eagle, etc… and associating them. The same could be with pictures and words to associate. Well, the truth is I’m really new in the game making and I really don’t get a clue how to do something like that.
    My question is did you create something like that already Emanuele? Could you give us some hints on how to achieve that?
    It would great I and would be grateful.
    Keep the good word :)

  • CV

    Hi Emanuele, big fan of your site!

    I have a question though – I’ve been trying to implement this game into iStenycl but am getting an error in the ‘Tile Behaviour’. The ‘Value’ attribute is throwing up a problem due to it not being described ‘as text’, been looking on the Stencyl forums – apparently this is due to iStencyl not having auto-casting support.

    Is there any chance you could let me know if there’s a way of fixing it to work for iOS?

    I’d be hugely grateful!


  • austin

    Hey, I just released my first flash game made with Stencyl.
    Check it out here at
    If you enjoy it than please rate it, and help me spread the word.

  • JR

    Love the video Emanuele! Very helpful, especially for someone trying to use gaming to teach students.

    I was wondering if you had any ideas about associating dissimilar images pairs for the game, a question about “actor behaviors” very similar to Marco’s two years ago. If you get a chance, let me know if you ever found a solution to Marco’s question.



  • Joven Pitallo Jr.

    Please send me links or sample project for Stencyl.