When Box2D meets Concentration

There are a lot of Concentration games around the web, but… what happens when Box2D meets concentration? Tiles stack and fall down, moving from their starting position and making it harder to remember tile position.

Take this prototype:

It’s concentration powered by Box2D!!

How would you improve the game?

Look at the source code (uncommented – I’ll tell you later why…)

A complete prototype in a few more than 100 lines, hope to see some good games out of it.

Download the source code.

  • serhat

    thank you for this wonderful application. I have good idea about this application :)

  • MC

    “invalid file format”… i have flash CS4, is this CS5?

  • codeBeast

    Hi Emanuele.
    This is superb. We are in the “edutainment” business ie: teaching English through interactive muyltimedia apps. This is great for that – we used memory pairs before so this is a nice twist. We will add graphics, sounds a timer and levels with the typical padlock menus and perhaps a facebook button to post highscores etc… If you’re interested we can send the link when done. We love your stuff.

  • Emanuele Feronato

    @MC: yes, it’s 5.5 but you can download the free CS6 trial and open it.

    @codeBeast: yeah, send me the link, I am doing something similar

  • Bojan

    Here is some idea. You can make something like spell a word, for example lets take a word “Bomb” and when you open all boxes in correct order all blocks get some impulse or word “Red” and when you do it in a right order all block become red and so on.

  • Veera


    i used it for memory match

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  • codeBeast

    Forgot to ask. IMPORTANT: I am creating game templates and therefore creating tens if not hundreds of games. They are 1024 * 720. BUT every game I ever see is a lot smaller not even 800 * 600. Is there a reason for that. Am I going to have problems using Box2d on games of that size ie: performance issues and why are other games not bigger? Cheers

  • Anil Canli


    These are great. But I have just started box2d and I’m looking for your blogs. I need you to write box2d version for your blogs. Because I’m newbie on this and I have downloaded so many versions to check which one matches with your codes :)

    Thanks in advance