Play Globez, my latest Flash game

I want you all to play (and rate) Globez, my latest Flash game.

It’s a game I made in a couple of days starting from the Dungeon Raid iPhone game engine made with Flash and AS3. The aim of the game is drawing a line to connect globes of the same color to make points. Then, new globes will appear, but giving a lower score. All of this in 60 seconds.

It’s really a simple game I am also porting to iPhone, but mostly I made it to write a complete series of tutorials about the integration with 3rd part APIs.

The entire game is made with 435 lines (braces included) and in this first time is monetized using MochiMedia APIs and I am collecting statistics with MochiBot and Playtomic.

I want to spend a couple of words about Playtomic: the service seems to be in big troubles and it could close soon, due to a lack of funds. It’s an awesome service and you won’t find valid alternatives to it around the web, so I hope you can understand what we are about to miss and maybe help with a premium subscription. I have to say there’s a big issue with communication between the author and the users, unfortunately programmers aren’t that skilled in public relations, anyway it would be a pity if Playtomic should close.

Back to the game, yesterday I submitted it to Newgrounds where it scored a nice 3.21, today I am uploading it on Kongregate and now I am planning to sell the full commented source code on activeden at a reasonable price just to see (and report) how much you can earn from using such service, and eventually release for free the iPhone version I am making with Stencyl.

Last but not least, there’s an upcoming game using the same engine, but with a way more complex gameplay.