Globez is on the App Store!!

I am happy to say the iOS version of Globez is available on the App Store!!

It’s my second iOS game after Circle Chain and my first “Tier 1” game, which means it’s for sale at USD 0.99, EUR 0.79, GBP 0.69 and so on.

Now let’s talk a bit about the game, first some screenshots:

Now some features:

* Retina support
* Game Center leaderboards
* A new kind of globe, the “wildcard”, as suggested from feedback received from the Flash version of the game.

The making

I made it with Stencyl in about two days. The first day was spent making the game itself. Being a conversion of the Flash game, I already had everything in mind and it was almost just a drag and drop thing, placing blocks in the correct sequence to recreate game logic. The second day was spent making the game run on the iPhone simulator and compiling it for iOS. Working with Xcode requires a strict use of variable types, a lot more strict than using AS3, so I had to add a lot of “as integer” blocks on my Stencyl project in order to make it work properly.

The marketing

I made this game mainly to test the iOS marketing world, because I am developing a more complex game and I wanted to make some experience. I will try to sell 2,500 copies of the game, somehow, then I’ll keep you up to date.

The source code

The entire Stencyl project will be released for free once I’ll get 2,500 copies sold. So maybe consider buying one or suggesting it to your iOS friends.

Moreover, also consider downloading Circle Chain, it’s free and the Stencyl source code will be released once it hits 1,000 downloads (about 500 to go).