Game concept: endless running game using Box2D

I want to show you the video of a game I am working on. It’s called “Blob” because it does not have a name yet, but the interesting thing is it’s an endless running game which uses Box2D.

As you should know, endless running games feature a character which should run for how long as he can in an infinite scrolling level. Temple Run and Canabalt are nice examples of endless running games, so I decided to make my own endless running game, with a little twist: it’s an endless digging game, made with Box2D. Look at the video:

As you can see, in this prototype the character can dig endlessly, in a Box2D world.

There are a couple of question though: how many boxes do you need to make an endless run game? Assuming the game has a gravity, where is the ground which sustains the boxes? How big is the stage?

I will answer these questions next week, when I’ll publish the game for Flash and iPhone.

Meanwhile, if you have some last minute suggestions to gameplay, I’ll be glad to hear you.

  • You should take a look at LIBGDX sometime- a library for java that lets you code in Java, and deploy to PC, HTML5, and android (and it’s just a library, so it doesn’t limit you at all).

    They are adding stuff to be able to compile to iOS too.

    Are you deploying from flash onto iphone, or do you have to recode everything in objective C?

  • kpanic

    I don’t see any blob here, just a circle. You need to play a little with distance joints in your main character body

  • Emanuele Feronato

    actually it’s a circle at the moment. I used a blob but I wasn’t that satisfied for this kind of game

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  • Chris

    For me it’s looking as if though the only reason you’ll ever fail is due to “random” not being in your favor. Which will turn off a lot of people.

    Do you plan of adding a difficulty curve? Maybe the screen starts going upwards and you need to make sure you clear it in a fast enough time as to not get crushed by the “ceiling”? Otherwise bombs or other special boxes that do things might be cool. Perhaps If you managed to get 6 in a row it clears away some more of the boxes?

  • markusT

    Looks good so far. Maybe you should make the blob more integrated into the game. The blob can explode, expand or have to achieve a goal. So it’s not just a “click this away” game.
    Thank you for all your tutorials!!

  • Nice game – I had a lot of fun with gameplay. From where can I download this game ?

  • Looks pretty nice ^^.

  • pulala

    I have to agree with Chris about the difficulty thing.
    The leves could be Speed vs distance.
    And do creat boxes as i can imagine you use vecotrs/array.
    So there could be color/different boxes for level difficulty.

    Plus a game will sell/or be downloaded much better if there is a nice plot + graphics.
    AKA The littel “dust circle” who is in the storage room and find blows him away from the family, so he wants to come back to home to her family.

    But the idea itself is very good.

    Sorry for my english.