Play Match n’ Dig, my latest Flash Box2d powered game

Emanuele Feronato Actionscript 3, Box2D, Flash, Game design, Monetize

Do you remember my game concept of an endless running game using Box2D?

Today I released the finished game: Match n’ Dig

It’s a Box2D powered game featuring a yellow character which must dig to escape from a falling ceiling. To dig, simply click on group of blocks of the same color, but don’t let them fall on your head or you’ll lose energy, until you die.

It’s a simple and quick game, just like my previous game Globez, the entire code is made of 532 lines, external libraries (such as Box2D) excluded.

In this first step I am monetizing the game using MochiMedia APIs and I am collecting statistics with MochiBot and Playtomic. The cute explosions you can see when you destroy blocks are made with Flint particle system.

Just like Globez, I am planning to sell the fully commented source code, they will both be available for sale probably before december.

Want to learn more? Learn by example!

Get the full commented source code of an actual commercial cross platform HTML5 game!!

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