Play Match n’ Dig, my latest Flash Box2d powered game

Do you remember my game concept of an endless running game using Box2D?

Today I released the finished game: Match n’ Dig

It’s a Box2D powered game featuring a yellow character which must dig to escape from a falling ceiling. To dig, simply click on group of blocks of the same color, but don’t let them fall on your head or you’ll lose energy, until you die.

It’s a simple and quick game, just like my previous game Globez, the entire code is made of 532 lines, external libraries (such as Box2D) excluded.

In this first step I am monetizing the game using MochiMedia APIs and I am collecting statistics with MochiBot and Playtomic. The cute explosions you can see when you destroy blocks are made with Flint particle system.

Just like Globez, I am planning to sell the fully commented source code, they will both be available for sale probably before december.

  • Catalina

    what is the strategy of this game? more blocks more points? how we can have more points, the best score?

  • ant

    Do you have any reference of good flash games that integrates well with Facebook Open Graph?

  • miftah