Circe Chain engine made with CreateJS

When I celebrated the 1000th blog post, I told you I would have started to blog about HTML5 game development, and today I want to show you the classic Circle Chain engine made with CreateJS, a suite of Javascript libraries & tools for building rich, interactive experiences with HTML5.

Before I start with this tutorial, remember there’s an iPhone version of Circle Chain available for free in the App Store and I am going to release the Stencyl project for free once it reaches 1,000 downloads (415 to go).

Like all HTML5 projects, this Circle Chain prototype consist in an HTML part…

and a javascript part, fully commented:

as you can see, it’s not that different than an AS3 script.

And this is the result:

Next time, I’ll show you the complete game.

  • Grinya

    Nice code. Will you plan to make new JS blog or you just mix it with Flash on this site?

  • i used the above JS code that is not running. i saw a blank canvas in the browser.
    help me

  • The appropriate code