Big news for you about Box2D for Flash Games, Playtomic 2.0 and Stencyl 3.0

Today I have three big news for you, so let’s go straight to the point:

1) Box2D for Flash Games

As you should know, I am writing a Box2D book which is available for pre-order. I am happy to inform you on october, 26 the book went into production stage.

This means the chapters will be now be edited for grammatical and technical accuracy, formatting etc. and then indexed, converted to PDF and finally clubbed to create the final product. So the book will definitively be available in november! Then, I will have a little break from book writing before I’ll come back with another title. Still do not even know the topic at the moment.

2) Playtomic 2.0

When I released Globez Flash game, I also wrote about Playtomic‘s troubles. Playtomic was started in 2009 by dedicated game developers to provide “Google Analytics” for Flash and eventually other web, mobile and downloadable games. After 3 years thousands of developers use it in almost 10,000 games across 8 different platforms. And if you are a developer, you know how important is an analytics service.

So, here is the good news: they moved from South America to Amsterdam, in a former planetarium that was converted into office space at the Planetarium in Amsterdam and they have onboard new members starting with the new CEO Wim Jagtenberg, the boss of Youda Games, and they plan to release in the coming months an in-game advertising platform that will make smarter decisions about what ads to serve to maximize your revenue. Yeah! More revenue!!

3) Stencyl 3.0

Stencyl is one of the most powerful tools to create multi-platform games, you can find my tutorials here and you can also check for my Globez and Circle Chain iPhone games made with this powerful tool.

In about a month Stencyl 3.0 should be released, with a ton of new features, including the capability of publishing to iOS, Android, Flash, HTML5, Windows / “Metro”, Mac, Linux, automatic handling of arbitrary screen sizes, improved Ad support, improved Social Gaming API support, improved handling of multi-touch and gestures, and the adoption of Haxe as its official programming language.

Haxe is an ActionScript/JavaScript-like language that exports to multiple platforms thanks to its ability to be translated into different languages, including Flash, JavaScript, C++, Java and C#, so expect Haxe tutorials during next weeks

And that’s all for today’s news, this is going to be a hot winter!!